Was ist Fortnite Save the World

Fortnite Save The World is a Fortnite game mode that was the first to be released, on July 25th, 2017. This mode differs from the other two (Creative and Battle Royale) both in gameplay and in that you have to buy it to play it.

Fortnite Save The World is currently available for multiple consoles and PC. In other words, unlike the Battle Royale mode, Save The World is not available on Android, iOS or Nintendo Switch.

What is Save The World about?

In “Save The World” we live a kind of adventure in which our task is to save the planet from an invasion of Monsters in the form of zombies to rescue. To complete our mission we will get the help of other players who will also attack the hordes of monsters that are approaching us.

In short, Save The World is a cooperative mode in which we have to eliminate monsters that automatically controlled by the game (bots). In each game we’ll be given different missions, so we’ll have to adapt to each situation.

Weapons and objects are very similar to the rest of the Fortnite modes. So if you’ve played Battle Royale or Creative before, you’ll have an advantage. Initially, this should be a breeze for more experienced players, but this mode is also programmed to increasingly difficult opponents putsif the players of a team are very good.

Strategien in Save The World

Since this is a cooperative and not a competitive game mode, it is essential to play strategically. When a teammate is in danger, we have to try to help them, otherwise we might end up alone at the end of the game losing teammates all the time.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that the hordes of monsters can consist of many monsters, so there very useful is to use traps as well as building a fortress to avoid being attacked in melee.

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