Was sind custom Patches im Lucky Patcher

The term custom patch refers to a patch designed specifically for a specific application. This is how the user has to apply it to enjoy its new features without having to have any advanced knowledge. Also, applying a custom patch takes the hassle out of testing the various options available in Lucky Patcher.

To apply a custom patch, just open the menu Menu of Patches.

Patch menuPatch menu

Then click Create Modified APK file (create modified APK file) to apply it to an external APK.

Create Modified APKCreate Modified APK

Then you have the option CustomPatch-applied APK choose.

Apply a custom patch to a new APKApply a custom patch to a new APK

Patches can add new features, remove restrictions, or make a game a little easier to play in a variety of ways. For an up-to-date list of available patches, open the side menu and tap Download custom patches.

Update list of patchesUpdate list of patches

Once you have an updated list of available patches, apply them by following the steps in this guide. According to the official Lucky Patcher website, there are special patches for applications like Poweramp, Cut the Rope: Experiments, HD Videobox or Smart Audiobook Player.

Don’t forget that you can use Lucky Patcher beyond patches and mods. In fact, we can consider it as a complete app manager that allows you to make deeper changes to your device through root access. For example, you can change an application’s permissions, duplicate it to use two parallel accounts on your terminal, or remove the pre-installed software. It also has the function of extracting the APK file to make backup copies or install on other devices. In any case, you should be well informed before performing any of these procedures and use those that match your knowledge.

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