What are balloons in Fortnite and what are they for?

Balloons are one of the consumable items in Fortnite. Their use is simple, they will used for flying and gliding, while we can aim and shoot at enemies. In total we can use up to three hot air balloons.

Use of the balloons

If we place three balloons, we will automatically fly to the Fortnite altitude limit, whereupon one of our balloons explodes and we start the descent with two balloons. If we only use one or two balloons, every time we make a jump or jump from a high place our character will spend more time in the air, but in the end we will always step on solid ground.

Not only are balloons useful for reaching high places (e.g. the top of a mountain), but they can also be used to to avoid being injured in a fall. Balloons can explode if we get shot; that’s the only way to get rid of them.

With three balloons we will fly until one of them explodes.With three balloons we will fly until one of them explodes.

Strategic use of balloons

Some players benefit from using balloons to wield very specialized weapons that don’t require too much aiming, such as rocket launcher or explosive arcs. It is worth noting that while flying or gliding with balloons, we can move anywhere, which makes it very difficult for opponents to hit us accurately.

Despite the advantages of balloons, we shouldn’t be overconfident either; while we use them there is no protection. If someone starts shooting at us, we won’t be able to build or get behind an object like it happens when we’re on the ground.

Balloons are available in Fortnite creative modeBalloons are available in Fortnite creative mode

Are balloons available in Fortnite?

Balloons, like many other consumable items, are not always available in Fortnite Battle Royale modes. They can appear and disappear over the course of a season, along with many other items and weapons. They’re always available in Creative Mode, a mode where Epic Games doesn’t typically remove weapons and items, rather the opposite.

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