What are Fortnite emotes

Emotes are gestures and dances that can be used at any time in Fortnite. We explain everything about it to you here.

The function of the emotes

Emotes are cosmetic only; they do not initially offer any competitive advantage or disadvantage, nor do they have any function other than to show something we like. Gamers like to have a large collection of emotes, as well as emotes depicting characters from their favorite series and video games.

What addons are emotes

There are five different emote types:

  • gestures: Our character performs a specific movement, such as sweeping the floor, jumping backwards, or reading a book.
  • dance: In the dances, our character dances to a song. Sometimes the song was composed by a famous artist, like Dua Lipa or Doja Cat.
  • Emoticon: Our character shows a small picture for a moment.
  • Graffiti: We paint a graffiti on the surface closest to us, be it the floor, a wall or an object.
  • toy: With this, our character plays with an object, such as a ball.

Boogie Down Dance in FortniteBoogie Down Dance in Fortnite

How to get emotes

There are several ways to get emotes. We present a few here.

  • level up. Fortnite rewards us with emotes for reaching certain levels.
  • By purchasing the Battle Pass. If we level up with the purchased Battle Pass, we can get more free emotes.
  • By purchasing from the Fortnite Store. Keep in mind that this store is updated daily, so an emote can be there one day and gone the next year.

How to use the emotes

We can use the emotes both in game and on the starting platform. You can see step-by-step how to do it in our guide to dancing in Fortnite.

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