What are the best areas to loot in Fortnite?

In our Fortnite games it is very important about good weapons, items, ammo and resources to dispose. For this we must know how to choose an area where we can easily find all this.

Usually we find in cities and towns more and better loot. There can be several chests in each house, so it is rare that after searching several houses we will not find a good weapon, as well as cures and potions.

Here are some of the best places to loot. Keep in mind that some of these may change throughout the season.

Fortnite KarteFortnite Karte

  • Misty Meadows: This village has a large number of houses, each with several chests. Also, there is one fishing spot nearby and it is surrounded by trees that can be felled for wood.
  • Lazy Lake: This city has very large buildings, which in turn hold a large number of chests. It’s one of the places where most players end up, so be careful.
  • Weeping Woods: Since there are only a few houses, many players don’t go here, but it’s not a bad place to loot. There are lots of trees and some rocks and vehiclesto stumble upon, so it’s a great place to get resources.
  • Slurpy Swamp: While we won’t find many resources in this swamp and there are few chests, inside the factory there are a large number of Trankfässernwith which we can restore all life without using consumable items.
  • Holly Edges: This place has several houses and a large building in the middle. We can find several chests and once outside cut down trees to get wood.
  • Sweaty Sands: There are several buildings in a row on the beach, one of which is very tall. This building is one of the best places to start, because if we land on its roof and go down all the floors one by one, we can go up to six different chests Find.
  • Pleasant Park: Also in this town there are several houses to search. There are usually some good guns in there.

Finally, a little advice. If we fall in places with a lot of loot, it is very likely that many more people will invade with us. If we’re not very good players, it might not be a good idea to go to those areas. Then sometimes it is better to go to more remote places or small towns where we will find some loot even with fewer people around.

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