What are the best skins for Fortnite?

To claim that this or another the best Fortnite skin is very subjective. For example, if a player For example, if he really likes the Kratos suit, he can argue that it’s the best because it’s his favorite suit. And he’s right: it’s up to you. That’s why we analyze from subjectivity which are the best skins from different perspectives.

Epic Games: Based on rarity

Just like weapons or missions, Fortnite skins have a rarity that dictates that one skin is more valuable than another. According to this scale the skins from best to worst sorted:

  • Legendary (orange)
  • epic (lilac)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Uncommon (green)
  • Common (grey)

However, there are also skins that don’t fall into either of these groups because they are characters from iconic franchises or even real-world famous people. Which of these groups are among the best skins? Again, the answer is subjective.

Some might argue that the best are the Icons series characters, as they are the only ones based on real people. Others might argue that since Fortnite is a video game, the best ones are from the video game character series. And so we could continue arguing with the Star Wars, Marvel, DC series…

Lara Croft, protagonist of the Tomb Raider seriesLara Croft, protagonist of the Tomb Raider series

level of competition

If we want to play Fortnite as competitively as possible, we can even use a skin that will give us an advantage, however small. And some skins can give us that advantage.

One perk that some players take advantage of is carrying one female character skins. Female skins in Fortnite tend to have a thinner body, which helps us take a lot fewer bullets because the target area is smaller.

Another strategy used by some players is to wear a skin that doesn’t stand out that much or even camouflages itself with its surroundings. A clear example is Groot, the tree-shaped Marvel character, which is hardly recognized when placed next to another tree. By the time the opponent notices, it may already be too late…

Groot can easily camouflage through treesGroot can easily camouflage through trees

Depending on the price

Whether a skin is more expensive or cheaper is a matter of course. There are many players who value an expensive skin more than a cheap one. In this ranking, the skins that we get with the Battle Pass would be the worst. The next least valuable would be the ones you buy for 1,200 paVos, then 1,500, 2,000…

Which is the best and therefore the most expensive skin? The most expensive Fortnite skin is called Galaxy and costs around 1,000 euros. Like other skins that came free with consoles and smartphones, this one was available with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet. And €1,000 was the estimated starting value for these devices. Few can own the Galaxy Skin.

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