What are the best star skills in Brawl Stars?

We’ve mentioned on other occasions that Star Skills are passive powers that help our characters gain certain benefits. What we haven’t figured out yet is which of these powers is the best. So now let’s discuss the ones that we think can really help during a game.

Please note that the list is in no order of preference. Our criterion is to only talk about the ones that we think are the most relevant to help you with your gaming experience:

  • Band-aid (Shelly): When Shelly’s health falls below 40%, she will automatically return to full health. This ability recharges every 20 seconds.
  • Steel hoops (Darryl): When Darryl performs his special attack, he strengthens his outer structure, granting him 40% damage reduction for 3.5 seconds.
  • Home run (Bibi): This brawler gains a second bar, called home run bar. When charged, you gain a large increase in your movement ability.
  • From the beginning! (Little): All of Poco’s attacks cause the fighters on his team to recover 500 life points.
  • Balls of fire (Penny): Cannonballs from Penny’s turret set the ground on fire for 3 seconds. Enemies within the area of ​​effect take 400 damage per second.
  • Socks (Jessie): Jessie’s turret now fires energy balls that can ricochet off enemies and hit multiple targets.
  • Creepy harvest (Mortis): Mortis “harvests” the life essence of a fighter he just defeated, restoring 1200 life points.
  • Plant life (Rosa): When hiding in a bush, Rosa recovers 200 health per second.
  • Magic Puffs (Gene): Gene heals all allies around him for 200 health points per second.
  • Magnum Special (Colt): Colt’s main shot attack range and projectile speed are increased by 11%.

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