What are the boss fights in Brawl Stars and how to win there

Brawl Stars are boss fights Deathmatches between a team of three players and a giant robotthe increasingly smaller one Mobs unleashed to kill players and hamper their progression in the mode. It’s a type of battle that requires a well-coordinated strategy.

In the past, you could access this type of event by getting tickets that allowed you to use more or less depending on the difficulty of the mode you wanted to play. With the last major update, tickets have disappeared and have been replaced by Star Points. As long as you have at least 350 trophies, you can access this mode every time it’s active.

What are the best characters for Boss Fight?

The keyword in Boss Fight is nothing but damage. In this mode it is necessary characters to usecapable of generating a large amount of damage and towards the boss focus. Also, it is necessary to balance mobility with speed and the ability to shoot at long range.

Colt's character pageColt’s character page

An ideal team should consist of a character with high DPS (e.g. Colt), a tank capable of absorbing a large amount of damage (Frank is unrivaled in this regard), and a support character that heals from afar can (Poco would be a good example) exist.

However, if you’re playing solo, you’ll likely end up on a random team with too many DPS, no tanks, and no support characters (or a combination of all sorts of situations). It’s always wise to have a team on hand that you can easily coordinate, whether they’re your friends or sought-after players within Brawl Stars.

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