What are the Google Play developer options and what are they useful for?

The Google Play Developer Options is a set of hidden options in the Store menu intended for Android developers. They were launched in April 2019, but so far the options on offer are limited. The only tool available at the moment is one for sharing apps internally in private groups.

The main idea is share an unfinished version of an app with other members of the development team without having to redistribute the APK file after each change. Let’s get this straight: it would be something similar to a shared text document in a Google Drive folder.

To enable this feature, all you have to do is open the Google Play Store app, fold down the main menu and settings Select.

Go to Settings in the Google Play menu Go to Settings in the Google Play menu

Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap the field seven times in a row Play Store-Version. Make sure you’re typing fast enough.

Tap the version number seven timesTap the version number seven times

An on-screen message will notify you that you have enabled these options.

Developer options are enabledDeveloper options are enabled

Die Option Internal app sharing will now be available in the same settings menu you are in.

New option in the settings menuNew option in the settings menu

In general, you can use the developer options in Google Play to install internal tests of apps that are not yet finalized. If you should decide to try this tool, you should be careful what files you install on your Android device as we are warned that these unfinished versions of apps are not subject to any control by Googleunlike the apps that are officially available on the Play Store.

For the average user, this feature might not be of much use aside from browsing, but advanced users and developers will find them very interesting. Furthermore, it seems that Google will add more options besides this one in the future.

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