What does Lucky Patcher’s color code mean?

In the following the Lucky Patcher color code listed together with their respective meanings.

  • Die green Marked applications are those that have a high probability of being registered.
  • Die gelb marked applications have patches specifically designed for them.
  • In Blau Find all software installed on your device that contains integrated advertising from Google’s advertising system and can therefore be removed.
  • The color Lila identifies all those apps that are part of the boot list
  • Rot indicates those that cannot be changed.
  • The color Orange Finally, a serious warning: it is an application of the system, modifying it can have serious consequences, such as: B. the complete destruction of our device.

This code is a backup which will help you to know the limitations of each application and to avoid certain problems resulting from inexperience. Don’t forget that Lucky Patcher has some features that can affect the operating system and therefore the proper functioning of your phone. For example, this tool lets the user delete any application even if it is built into the system partition. This indeed helps you get rid of the bloatware and thus gain additional disk space. However, if this process is not done with the right knowledge, you may be in for a nasty surprise.

We at Malavida recommend that you use the Lucky Patcher responsibly. Before making any modification, make sure that it will not affect the system. To do this, it makes sense that you know the color code exactly and act accordingly.

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