What is a pocket fortress in Fortnite and what is it for?

The Portable Fortress or Pocket Fortress is one of the consumable items in Fortnite. You can find them either in chests or loose in the middle of the stage.

Once you pick up this item and throw it toward a location, it will instantly a large metal tower built at this location. Climbing to the top is easy as there is an entrance door and there are pneumatic hoops at the base for jumping.

The Pocket Fortress is similar to the Portable Fortress but is the first bigger and stronger as the second.

Appearance of a built mobile fortressAppearance of a built mobile fortress

Is it currently available?

Epic Games has a habit of continually updating Fortnite. In the middle of a season, a new item may appear, an old one may return, another disappear… that’s why you may not see this item in your Fortnite Battle Royale games.

However, where we can always find them is in Creative modes. In general, the creative mode is getting bigger and bigger. It’s rare for a weapon or item to be removed, so the Pocket Fortress is easy to find in the Consumables section.

Mobile Fortress in the Consumables menu in Creative ModeMobile Fortress in the Consumables menu in Creative Mode

Why use a pocket fortress

The use of the Portable Fortress is purely strategic. On the one hand, it gives us height, which is always an advantage in Fortnite; on the other hand it offers great resistance because it is so large and made of metal; and finally, he allows us to take cover easily when hit by other players.

If you have a pocket fort, it’s best to use it to be used in an elevated place. If we e.g. For example, if you place it below a mountain, the enemy who climbs it will have a shot at us. So we would lose all the advantage that this item offers.

In addition to the height, the Portable Fortress also protects us from enemy fire.In addition to the height, the Portable Fortress also protects us from enemy fire.

Without a doubt, this consumable item is very useful, especially when we use it in squad games, since in the event that one of our teammates is shot down, it would be very easy to recover him without getting hit by more shots.

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