What is a Word template

A Word template is a ready-made document with a set of elements that serve different purposes. Thanks to the templates, letters, calendars, to-do lists and other documents can be created quickly and easily. Microsoft Word templates are saved in DOTX format and are essentially the same as a traditional document. However, by using templates, you can use a certain type of outline over and over again and reuse specific elements in different documents.

You can find many templates on the internet. However, Microsoft Word itself offers a good collection that is impressive. To the templates to access it, you need to go to the home page and click More templates click.

More templatesMore templates

Then scroll down the list to choose the template that best suits your needs. For example, there are templates for resumes, brochures, reports, and lists. To start a new document from a template, just click on it.

Available templatesAvailable templates

However, if none of the templates convince you, you can create your own so you can always use the same custom theme and don’t have to recreate it every time you open a new blank document. To start, click Blank document.

New blank documentNew blank document

Then customize the template according to your needs. You can add the same elements as in a normal document, e.g Text, images, tables or lists. When you’re done, click the disk icon in the top left.

Create TemplateCreate Template

In the following dialog, click on the extension and choose Word Template (*.dotx). Choose the destination of the file and click Save.

Save TemplateSave Template

After this process, your template is ready. If you want to create a Word file according to the previously defined patterns, simply open the DOTX file. Remember that you can save the document without fear of overwriting the template since Word exports it in the traditional DOCX format by default.

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