What is Android Flash Notification Light and How to Turn it on? 2022

What is a flash notification?

Flash notification is the feature that makes your phone’s camera light or screen blink when you receive notifications or alarms.

These instructions don’t work on every Android phone, as Android software varies depending on what your company makes your smartphone. In some cases, you follow similar steps using different menus.


To turn Flash feature on or off , follow the steps below.

  1. Click Settings on the Applications menu .
  2. Click on the Accessibility tab.
  3. Tap the Hearing tab.
  4. Tap the light notification tab.
  5. When notification comes, turn the camera light or the screen flashing on or off.

If This Feature Is Not Available In Your Device Settings;

Not every Android phone offers this feature. If you can’t find an option to flash in the Accessibility settings on your Android, install one of the apps below. 


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