What is Brawl Stars Big Game Hunting Party mode and how to beat it

In short, the Big Game Hunting Party mode sets one player as the boss of the game scene and a group of five thugs who must try to defeat him. The concept is very reminiscent of the PC game Evolve published by 2K Games, which put one player in the role of a mutant monster and the rest in the role of the various hunters that were after it.

The basic difference between Evolve and this Brawl Stars mode is that in the PC game you can choose which side you want to fight on, and in Supercell’s title it is completely random which side you will end up on. This is another weekly event that used to be accessible via tickets, but with the last major update you only need to have at least 350 trophies to enter.

How to win Big Game Hunting Party mode

There are two ways to win this scenario: as a boss or as a hunter

  • If you’re the boss, try to survive as long as possible and use cover whenever you can. You have a lot of health, deal a lot of damage, and can kill most of the team yourself, but you’re not invulnerable. Learn to combine spawn patterns with recovery times where you hide to heal.
  • If you are part of the hunter team, please note that teams are formed randomly here. That means the characters in it will, for the most part, prioritize DPS over everything else. Always go in with a tank like El Primo, Rosa, or Frank, or if that’s not possible, a support character like Poco or Pam. That’s the only way you can even out the balance.

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