What is Brawl Stars Survival mode and how to win it

To be clear: Brawl Stars’ Survival or Showdown mode is just that, Supercell’s way, Battle Royale to introduce in their own title. This mode can be played solo or cooperatively, and the reward for winning is the same in both cases: 34 coins and 10 trophies. It should be noted that this is the only game mode in Brawl Stars where the rewards vary depending on your rank (the lower your rank, the less you earn).

The starting location is very simple: you start in a stage designed for free-for-all where you see a row of chests. You collect a Power Gem for every chest you break, the same goes for every brawler you eliminate. After a while, a toxic green mist will appear at the edges of the stage, forcing you to move to the center. If this fog gets you, you will die very quickly.

Depending on the event, Showdown sometimes has special features such as meteorites falling on an area of ​​the stage, or energy drinks that increase your character’s size, health, and damage points. These peculiarities are completely random and you may occasionally come across maps where nothing special happens.

How to win in survival mode

First things first, if you’re playing a brawler you just got your hands on, it’s too weak to face the challenge with confidence. That’s why we recommend you to crack one of these chests as soon as possible:

Chests containing Power GemsChests containing Power Gems

And then hide in the undergrowth and try to wait for someone to come by. Always try to place yourself in a transit area where you have enough freedom of movement so that you are not easily found:

Hide in showdown modeHide in showdown mode

Of course, you should collect as many Power Gems as possible. The more you have, the more damage you deal and the more health points you gain. Needless to say, if your fighter already has some power, you should crack some chests and find enemies to take down. Try to learn to withdraw in good time before it’s too late. This mode rewards the kamikaze a bit, but it’s a good idea not to push your luck too much.

Finally, this mode is played with all kinds of characters. I’ve seen players use some of the most outlandish variations. However, the best for Showdown are Bull (because of the immense amount of damage he can absorb and the damage he deals at close range) and Shelly (whose versatility we’ve praised in the past). The one that gave me the best result is Bull, but I even won this mode with Pam. In general, the heavyweights work well in this mode.

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