What is creative mode in Fortnite

Creative Mode is one of Fortnite’s three game modes. This mode is designed to play more at our own pace without the pressure to play as well as possible to win the game. In creative mode, we can either create our own island and build on it what we wantor connect to another player’s island and play.

To select creative mode, tap on the home platform Change.

Tap Change to change modeTap Change to change mode

A mode selection screen will appear and we must Creative choose and up Accept tap.

Choose Creative and press AcceptChoose Creative and press Accept

Now, we have to Play tap.

Click play to startClick play to start

Finally we have to choose between:

  • Create: Play and build our island, but with no more people than us and the rest of the members of our group.
  • Play: To play with multiple players from all over the world.
  • Island Code: To enter an island’s code and play directly on it, without having to go through the creative mode hub.

Choose between Create, Play or Island CodeChoose between Create, Play or Island Code

To start the game, the other players in our group must also have pressed play. If we choose one of the first two options, we will appear in the middle of creative modea kind of room in which there are several computer screens next to an image of the corresponding island: they are portals.

The center of the creative modeThe center of the creative mode

This room changes its appearance every few weeksso don’t think you’re in the wrong place because it looks different from the pictures we showed you

In this room we will notice that above one of the portals is our name: this is our island. when we get in we can create anything we want on itas well as programming various games with the huge range of possibilities it offers.

Our island in creative modeOur island in creative mode

The rest of the portals, on the other hand, will lead us to several islands created by other Fortnite players. You have to remember that these islands approved by Epic Games are, so they’ve usually pretty much perfected their gameplay mechanics.

Portal to another islandPortal to another island

In the creative mode we find all kinds of islands: some offer us obstacle trials (Parkour), others contain fights in small rooms where we have to build and edit (Box Fight), others consist of races… Because of this variety, the creative mode is one of the favorites of the players.

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