What is dr.fone and how to use it?

Recover deleted messages, photos, videos and other data from your phone, transfer data between your devices (iOS, Android and computer)

What is dr.fone and how to use it?

dr.fone , which stands out as the best package program that provides solutions to the problems experienced by Android and iOS users, is our guest. What is dr fone , which offers solutions to Android / iPhone data recovery, restore deleted photos, transfer WhatsApp conversations (backups), remove lock screen password, transfer data between Android and iPhone, Android and iOS system problems, and more that we can’t count ? How to use dr fone? The use of dr fone is in our blog post in detail.  

What is dr.fone and how to use it?

Are you looking for a program to recover deleted photos from Android phone? Don’t know what to do to remove forgot iPhone lock screen password? You just upgraded to a new phone, wondering how to transfer your WhatsApp messages? You are going to sell your smartphone, you want to completely wipe the data before selling it? Are you going to switch from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android and wondering how to migrate data? Is your smartphone stuck on a black screen or rebooting constantly? To fix all these problems and more, you only need to download one program: dr.fone . iPhone, Android phone, Mac computer, Windows PC, whichever system and device you are using, you can download this program.

What is dr.fone Toolkit and how to use it?

dr.fone Toolkit , which provides tools in one place to help Android phone and iPhone users fix common problems.I want to start with. Recover deleted messages, photos, videos and other data from your phone, transfer data between your devices (iOS, Android and computer), transfer your WhatsApp messages (backups) between your iOS and Android device, restore backups from anywhere including iTunes, iCloud backups, update It is a great tool where you can solve system problems such as staying on a black screen, constant rebooting in 5 minutes, transfer contacts, messages, photos, call history and other data from one phone to another with one click, unlock the phone where you forgot the lock screen password, clean the data on the phone so that it cannot be recovered. I’m talking about the vehicle. How does dr fone Toolkit help you? What useful tools are in dr.fone Toolkit? Now let’s take a look at this.

How to use dr.fone Toolkit (iOS – Android)?

1. Recover: iPhone and Android data recovery software dr.fone – Recoverhelps you recover deleted data (photo, video, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, WhatsApp messages, voice messages, bookmarks, etc.) from your smartphone, no matter what data you lost, how you lost the data. Accidental deletion, forget password, root error, damage, black screen, system crash, SD card problem, ROM flashing, factory reset, jailbreak, water drop, stolen etc. It is the best program you can use to recover lost data from your phone for reasons. dr.fone – Recover Android with 6000+ Android devices; dr.fone – Recover (iPhone) is fully compatible with iOS 12 and iPhone Xs and Xr. It is possible to recover everything deleted or lost from the phone in just three steps. You can see how to recover data with dr.fone Recover in detail from the video below:

2. Transfer: iPhone and Android data transfer program dr.fone – Transfer allows you to transfer data between Android phone, iPhone and your computer. You can easily move all data including Contacts (Contacts), SMS (Messages), music, photos between your devices and organize them as you wish. When you need to transfer data from computer to Android phone / iPhone, from Android phone / iPhone to computer, dr.fone Transfer program is compatible with computers with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Data transfer is completed in 3 steps. You can see how to transfer data with dr.fone Transfer from the video below:

3. Restore Social App (WhatsApp Backup and Android/iOS or iOS/Android Transfer): dr.fone – Restore Social App is a program you can use when you need to backup or export iOS/Android WhatsApp messages to computer, transfer WhatsApp conversations between iOS and Android.. As you know, WhatsApp for Android only has the option to backup to Google Drive, and WhatsApp for iPhone only has the option to backup to iCloud. When you switch from Android to iPhone or vice versa, your WhatsApp chats stay put. With this program, you back up WhatsApp messages to computer, then easily restore them to your new iPhone or Android phone. Apart from WhatsApp, it can also backup LINE, Kik, Viber, WeChat chat history. It is possible to take and restore a chat backup in 3 steps. You can see how to transfer, backup, restore WhatsApp with dr.fone – Restore Social App in the video below:

4. Backup&Restore: You may think you don’t need extra software to backup Android phone / iPhone, but dr.fone – Backup & Restore, more than a simple smartphone backup program. You can choose which data on your Android phone / iPhone can be backed up with a single click, you can preview which data has been restored during the restoring phase from the backup, and you can restore the backups you have taken to iCloud or iTunes to your iOS or Android device. You will not lose any data during data transfer, backup and restore. You can back up all data on your smartphone, including contacts (contacts), messages (SMS), call history, calendar, gallery, music, video, application and even application data, WhatsApp messages to your computer and selectively restore them to your mobile device with one click. iPhone/iPad/Android phone backup process is completed in 3 steps. dr.fone – Backup 

5. Repair: With dr.fone – Repair , which helps you solve annoying system problems such as black screen, constant rebooting problem, you can solve software problems on your Android phone / iPhone by yourself and within 5 minutes. Many software problems such as staying in recovery mode on iOS, staying in DFU mode, white screen problem, iPhone black screen, iPhone restarting problem, iPhone freezing, iOS problems; On the Android side, you can fix problems such as black screen, Play Store not working, not opening, crashing applications, update problem, constant rebooting without anyone’s help. No technical knowledge required. You can watch the video below to see how to fix Android / iOS issues with dr.fone – Repair:

6. Switch (Phone to Phone Transfer): You have switched from Android to iOS or iOS to Android and are brooding over how to transfer data from your old phone (contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, documents, etc.) to your new phone. . You download the dr.fone – Switch program and quickly transfer data between phones with one click. Compatible with latest Android and iOS version and support all major brands. dr.fone – Switch, which allows high-speed data transfer from iOS to Android, from iOS to iOS, from Android to iOS, from Android to Android, offers 15 file types in Android system, 7 file types in iOS system. supports. Transfer from phone to phone is completed in 3 steps. You can see how the dr.fone – Switch program is used in the video below:

7. Unlock: You forgot the screen lock password you have set on your Android phone / iPhone, you do not want to reset the phone because you do not want to take a backup or reinstall your applications. The dr.fone – Unlock program comes to your aid at this point. It helps you remove your smartphone’s lock screen password regardless of PIN, pattern, fingerprint, Face ID, password, and you only spend 5 minutes on it, and you don’t lose any data. It is possible to crack the password of the smartphone in just 3 steps. You can watch the video below to learn how to remove the forgotten screen lock with dr.fone – Unlock:

8. Erase: One of the things to do before selling the smart phone; is the deletion process. If you perform a factory reset, simple reset, the new owner of the phone can access the data on your phone with a data recovery program. dr.fone – Erase for erasing data beyond recovery, unrecoverableYou need to use effective programs such as dr.fone – Erase program, which deletes all data including your contacts, messages, photos and videos, documents, WhatsApp messages, using military grade deletion algorithm, 100% unrecoverable, supports all file types and all iOS/Android devices on the market. Completely erasing iPhone / Android phone requires 3 steps like any other process. You can see how to erase the smartphone with dr.fone – Erase in the video below:

As you can see, there is no software problem that you cannot solve with dr.fone Toolkit ! If you are looking for a program to recover deleted numbers, photos, videos, files from phone, I recommend dr.fone – Recovery . dr.fone – Switch program is also great for transferring messages, photos, contacts, data from old phone to new phone . When you need to share files between your devices, fast, secure and easy file transfer app dr.fone Cloud TransMore is at your disposal. Finally, as an old iPhone/iPad user who has not received the new iOS update, I recommend iOS Screen Recorder if you are looking for a screen recording program and screen recorder.

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