What is Google Play and what is it for?

Google Play is Google’s digital store with which we Download apps of all kinds, games, movies or books safely on our Android phones and tablets and can install. The content is varied, there are both free and paid apps. However, this content may vary depending on the country in which this platform is configured, as not all content is available on all websites.

On the other hand, this tool is also responsible for your Android device to keep up to dateto automatically install updates for installed apps or to manually notify the user. Therefore, Google Play is one of the key elements for your mobile phone or tablet to work properly. In fact, it’s almost essential if you want to take advantage of all the options your device has to offer.

Sometimes you may not find what you are looking for in this huge store, or the latest version of the app you need is not available yet. You can do this Download sites like Malavidaon which you can download the APK files of the appsthat can be found on Google Play, as well as many others that for various reasons are not available on this platform and that you will surely find interesting. To install these files, you need to check the box that allows installation from unknown sources. You can find this option in your device’s settings menu. On the latest versions of Android, you must grant package installation permissions through your browser.

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