What is Instagram and what is it good for?

Instagram is a social network for photography. It launched in 2010 and was initially only available for iOS. The original concept was based on a very simple premise: sharing photos taken with the phone and easily editing them using filters. Founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram has garnered a sizable user base just two years after launch. In April 2012, it surpassed 100 million active users, and two years later, in 2014, it surpassed 300 million.

Instagram is one multiplatform application, which is available on iOS, Android and Windows 10. In addition, it is also accessible via the web, albeit with limited functions, such as B. uploading photos. In the past there was also a version for Windows Phone.

One of the key moments in the history of this popular social network was the purchase by Facebook, on April 9, 2012, for one billion dollars. From that moment some changes took place. For example, the terms of service were changed, giving Instagram more control over the content hosted on its servers. However, pressure from some popular accounts made those responsible for the service back down.

Instagram hat received new features that took it away from its original purpose. For example, starting with the fourth version, uploading videos was made possible. Also, in 2013, socialization between users improved thanks to the possibility of tagging others and, above all, a messaging system, Instagram Direct. However, one of the real revolutions of this social network was the stories. This ephemeral content, which disappears again after 24 hours, is undoubtedly one of its strengths.

Today Instagram can meet multiple goals. For example, many users have started using it to get the latest news, to follow their favorite celebrities and brands, or even to buy their products. Of course, it’s also possible to use it to share our memories with our friends or simply save our favorite photos.

There is no doubt that the popularity of this social network is growing, as are its opportunities. What new features will its developers introduce in the future? Unfortunately we have no choice but to wait. But what we do know from Instagram is that they know how to create a trend.

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