What is Lucky Patcher and what is it used for?

If you’re a video game fan, you might have heard of Lucky Patcher. But do you know exactly what it is and what it can offer you in your games? Read on because we’ll tell you.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is a Game modification utility and applications. This practice consists of altering the operation of the software to gain benefits or access hidden features. In some cases, using this type of tool is legitimate. However, many users use these applications in unethical ways, thereby violating the terms of service of many popular games.

What Lucky Patcher is used for

One of the main goals when using Lucky Patcher is usually to get the Decrease the difficulty of a game. In this way you will get resources such as gems, gold or other objects that will allow you to progress faster in the game. In most cases, items that are premium are obtained for free. In addition, there is no integrated advertising. Of course, these practices violate the rules of many applications, their license, or even intellectual property laws. Also, they can be viewed as stealing from the developers, thereby losing the revenue they are rightfully entitled to.

You can use this utility but use it for much more useful, practical and legal purposes. For example, thanks to Lucky Patcher you have the possibility to create backups of your applications in APK format. That way, even after they’ve disappeared from the App Store, they’re still available to you. In addition, it has other interesting features, such as integrating any app into the system or changing its permissions. Finally, don’t forget that you can easily get rid of bloatware.

To make it easier to use, Lucky Patcher uses a simple one color code, which classifies the applications. Green is for the apps that have a high chance of being registered. In yellow you see those that have a specific patch. On the other hand, blue is used to distinguish those that contain advertising. Finally, the applications that are part of the startup list or the system list will be marked in red and orange respectively.

In short, Lucky Patcher is like a swiss army knife that allows you to fully manage the applications on your phone thanks to root access. How well it is used depends on the user.

Lucky Patcher Reviews: Is It Really Recommended?

These are the opinions that the Malavida editors have about Lucky Patcher:

Lory Guilloux

In this type of application, the line between advantages and disadvantages is not so clear. The benefits are clear. We all like removing ads from the free apps we use, getting more permissions or unlocking all options for paid apps. However, we must bear in mind that these actions, which will save us a few coins and some inconvenience, deprive the developers of the applications of their income and even leave a useful project that we really like. Also, we must not forget that we must know how to be careful with this application because we could cause irreparable damage to our system applications and therefore to our smartphone.

Antony Peel

I’m not a big fan of this type of patch that helps remove ads built into applications and games. It’s good for other applications, in fact I think it’s only really useful for users when it comes to apps loaded with excessive ads. To extract APKs and create backups of applications already installed, I prefer to use simpler and more intuitive tools like APK Extractor.

Hector Hernandez

If you are aware of the limits and have a little respect, you will get a lot out of it. When it comes to successful online games, you should not use this app to mod them. But if you want to use it for offline content and enjoy the rest of the options, you can definitely try it. The worst are the illegal uses that affect the developers. Avoid harming anyone when downloading the app.

Elijah Guzman

I’m not very keen on using this type of applications for moral reasons, as they are mainly designed to use certain features in the applications while avoiding paying. Remember that these payments are what the developers get for their work and if they can’t make a living from it, they might abandon their projects and leave us without the apps we love so much.

Sergio Acute

I am not in favor of these types of applications based on my own understanding of games. If you cheat, what’s the fun in beating the game? If you want to completely avoid the problem of microtransactions and progress faster (even if you destroy the game mechanics), Lucky Patcher is definitely for you. However, you have to consider two things: First, if you deprive the developers of their main source of income, the game you love so much could cease to exist. Secondly, if you are caught cheating, you may be automatically kicked out of the game and never come back (especially in online games). So be warned.

Edgar Otero

Lucky Patcher is a real swiss army knife app, ideal for getting more out of your device. With it, you can extract the installation files of your favorite applications in APK format, duplicate them to log into multiple accounts, or even remove bloatware. But that’s about all that makes up its advantages. Many users use it to bypass the payments included in some video games or to remove their ads. This clearly violates the Terms of Service and deprives the developers of the opportunity to receive compensation for their work. And it’s not exactly one of the safest applications.

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