What is Repack / Reloaded game? What are the differences?

The Great Danger of Repack and Reloaded Games

When you want to download pirated games or cracks, one of the terms you will see is Repack and the other is Reloaded. What do these actually mean? How dangerous are they? We answer these questions for you. Welcome.

There is a great effort behind all the games we play . Many people work day and night for these games, and sometimes we come across masterpieces that we really like. Downloading pirated games means ignoring this effort . Although we are against pirates, we have all been on the path of pirate games at least once. Although there are different reasons for this, such as ” high price, game trial” , any reason does not justify downloading pirated games.

We will give you the answer to the terms Repack and Reloaded , which will appear when you want to download pirated games . However, we will also reveal how dangerous it is to download these games.

What is Repack / Reloaded game? What are the differences?

Let’s start with Repack first . Repack games are the name given to the games in which a large part of the game files are compressed and some parts are deleted. The main changes you will notice when you download these types of games will usually be the language options and cutscenes. In these games, non-English language options are removed and the quality of cutscenes is greatly reduced. You’ll often see bands like Fit-Girl, Black Box, and RG Mechanics publish these games .

Reloaded , on the other hand, is actually a pirate game – crack group, but many pirated games spread on the internet today are also referred to as Reloaded, regardless of the group. The size of such pirated games is usually high and the games appear as they are. All language options, all episodes, all cutscenes come fully loaded in the package. Groups such as Codex, Skidrow, Reloaded usually publish such games .

As you can see, the main difference between Reloaded and Repack is the difference in size and content . Even though the game is the same, your options and quality in the game will be different. In addition, since the files of Repack games are compressed, the loading time may take a lot of time. This means close to 100% CPU and RAM usage for long periods of time .

Why do I always get a virus warning when installing Repack / Reloaded games?

What is Repack / Reloaded game? What are the differences?

When you try to install pirated games, software that usually protects your computer from viruses prevents you from installing these games or gives a virus warning in general. The reason for this is that the files that we refer to as crack and that allow you to play the pirated game will affect the files on the computer. As an example, we can show the steamapi.dll file in the files of a Steam-based game .

The crack files of pirated games usually also contain the steamapi.dll file. This cracked file prevents the game from connecting to the internet and Steam . The reason it does this is to prevent Steam from checking if the game has been purchased . In this way, the pirated game becomes playable without purchasing, and there is nothing to prevent it. Therefore, it gives a virus warning because such files will also affect the files on the computer.

So, are Reloaded / Repack games really infected?

What is Repack / Reloaded game? What are the differences?

This question doesn’t have a clear answer for all games, but the vast majority of such games have an incredibly high risk of containing viruses . Especially since Repack games are compressed versions of very large games, they can try to use the computer’s hardware too much during installation. In such cases, situations such as bitcoin mining directly come to mind.

During the installation of such games, you may be asked for some permissions. One of them is to turn off the antivirus program . If the virus program is open during the game installation, some files are blocked by these programs. The reason for this is the detection of Trojan virus , a malware commonly seen in crack files of Reloaded and Repack games .

In such a scenario , “Oh, what will it be? What can the trojan do by itself?” It is very wrong to have such a thought, because a software developer who knows his job well can find a flaw and actually show you a malicious software as a game file and allow you to install it on your computer. These software can appear in many categories such as trojans, keyloggers and so on. Many pirated games circulating on the internet lately contain these viruses.

How do I know if the game I downloaded has a virus?

After all, if you downloaded a pirated game and you suspect that it is infected, you can look for some noticeable symptoms on your computer . One of them can occur when you are not moving the mouse. Malicious people trying to use your computer for Bitcoin mining can integrate such software into games. In order for the user not to understand this, the process starts when the mouse movement is interrupted. You can understand this virus because your computer slows down a lot when you release the mouse .

Of course, the risk posed by pirated games is not limited to this. Some pirated game sites can also integrate software to steal information, such as keyloggers, into these games. In addition, even ransomware that can steal your personal data and even require you to pay money can be loaded into these files. Although it is difficult to detect software that sends your personal data to the other party, when the situation turns to ransom, there is not much that can be done anymore.

These viruses are not only found in game files. Some software is integrated into the installation file of the game and installed on the computer during the installation phase. Therefore, turning off the antivirus program is no different than opening the door to such malicious software and saying “Welcome” . Therefore, if you are experiencing performance losses on your computer, we recommend that you immediately scan your computer for viruses .

How can I follow a path instead of downloading pirated games?

One thing we have to admit is that the prices of the games released recently are really salty . This is because game publishers apply a certain and high standard price policy, regardless of quality or genre. Games developed with a large budget, which we refer to as AAA , are sold at much higher prices in this context. That’s why we understand that you don’t want to spend too much money on games.

To prevent this, we recommend you to follow the discounts on platforms such as Steam, Epic Games. As the Webtekno team, we constantly share with you the appreciable discounts we see in these game stores . Many good games are on sale, including AAA games.

For example , we can show that games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Borderlands 2 are free at Epic Games, and  games such as Metro Exodus, Red Dead Redemption 2 can be bought much cheaper with discounts . If you chase these discounts instead of downloading pirated games, you will both have the games safely and have the chance to download the updates as they are released.

What is Reloaded and Repack game? By answering the question, we have come to the end of our article, where we reveal what kind of risk these games carry. In addition to the risk that pirated games carry, it is also worth mentioning that they are not legal. By following us, you can be informed when the games you want are on sale.

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