What is Siege mode in Brawl Stars and how to play it

Siege mode, along with Heist, is the mode most closely reminiscent of Brawl Stars MOBA or Tower-Defense– Targets introduced. At each end of the arena is a turret that players on each team try to destroy while defending their own turret.

This turret is something special. Aside from being the target to beat and defend, it acts as a factory for siege robots that are released around the map from time to time. How strong or weak these robots depend on the amount of screws supplied to the machine. These bolts appear at regular intervals on the map and you can identify them by a light gray area on the ground when they come out.

Once released, a robot will head straight for the opponent’s tower while attempting to take out everything in its path. But he only does that if you have collected more bolts than your opponent. If both opponents have the same amount, you have to wait until the next wave to release it.

The best brawlers for Siege mode

  • Jessie can position the revolver however she likesmaking them particularly useful in attack or defense situations.
  • Bull and Darryl move very quickly when they activate the super attackmaking it a little easier to collect bolts with them.
  • Primo and Frank soak up damage like spongesmaking it easier to survive long enough to bring the collected bolts to your base.
  • Pam can place her tower near the baseso allies can easily heal themselves to defend the tower.
  • 8Bit can also be very usefulas his revolver doubles the damage of those caught in its area of ​​effect.

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