What is the best control system for Fortnite?

On android There are only two forms of control in Fortnite: by touch or with a controller. Between these two types of control is the controller is undoubtedly the most comfortable, agile and effectivealthough there are very good players who are able to win using only touch controls.

But if we analyze Fortnite worldwide, taking into account the controls of other platforms, the control system that works best in the game from Epic Games is the keyboard and mouse. The advantages and disadvantages of the individual control types are analyzed below.

Touch controls: Lots of aimbot

If we play with touch controls, after playing with keyboard or controller for several weeks or months, we will find that we have an “extraordinary” precision for this control. In fact, smartphone gamers have a way aimbotor in other words, the moment we more or less aim at a player, Fortnite automatically focuses on the head to make a much more accurate shot.

However, the disadvantage of playing with touch controls on smartphones is insurmountable. At the competitive level, no one plays using the touchscreen. Actions like building or editing are much more cumbersome than any other control.

Controller: Maximum comfort

Playing with a controller is most convenient when you are just starting to play Fortnite. The controls are very intuitive and offer the opportunity to play at a high level.

However is playing with a controller is still a competitive disadvantage compared to keyboard and mouse players. It is becoming increasingly rare to see top players playing with a controller. The only competitive advantage of playing with a controller is that there’s also an aimbot, but that’s been kept to a minimum since 2020. That’s why there are almost no competitive gamers with controllers now.

Keyboard and Mouse: Maximum competitiveness

Keyboard and mouse players need no help, their controls are tough. With the mouse are very nimble movements possible in the tenths of a second range, but we can also aim with maximum precision by reducing the sensitivity with the mouse wheel.

In addition, thanks to the large number of buttons and the agile movement of the mouse, players can edit and build at breakneck speed; unattainable for those playing with a controller.

That said, it is obvious that the most competitive control is keyboard and mousewhile on Android it is best to use a controller since the device is not compatible with the ones just mentioned.

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