What is the best Fortnite Twitter feed?

There are a variety of accounts on Twitter dedicated to providing Fortnite information. Here are some of the best.

  • @FortniteGame: This is the official account. They inform us about new skins and the most important Fortnite news. They also post messages with in-game screenshots and little tips to show how close they are to the community.
  • @FortniteStatus: This is also an official account, but much more serious. In it we can see, one by one, all the news that are coming to the game, as well as tell us about any Fortnite bugs or server crashes that they are trying to fix as soon as possible.
  • @FNCompetitive: Official account dedicated to the competitive side of Fortnite. Here we can see some of the highlights of the most important tournaments, as well as know the dates of future championships.
  • @ChinaBR: If you’re one of those people who can’t wait to hear all the latest Fortnite news, this account might be for you. The site is entirely dedicated to the Fortnite leaks. This way you can find out what’s coming for the game long before it’s officially announced.
  • @FortniteTracker: This unofficial account is dedicated to the competitive side of Fortnite. It informs us about the statistics of the pro players and about the upcoming tournaments.
  • @Ninja: The most popular Fortnite streamer and one of the few with an in-game skin. On his Twitter account, you’ll see a variety of posts related to Epic Games’ game.

Of course, there are many more accounts that we might be interested in, depending on everyone’s tastes and interests. With Twitter’s own search engine by typing the word Fortnite followed by another word related to what we are looking for, we can find tweets from accounts that might interest us.

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