What is the decoy enchantment for in Minecraft?

The Bait Spell is used to cast a spell while fishing reduce the time it takes to catch a fish. This enchantment has a maximum level of 3 and reduces overall waiting time by 5 seconds per level. Considering that fishing can become difficult when we want to catch a rare fish, the lure enchantment is very useful.

As with any other enchantment There are two ways to achieve the decoy enchantment: with an anvil, using the decoy enchantment book, or with an enchantment table.

Get the decoy spell with an anvil

If you already have a book enchanted with the Decoy spell in your possession, it’s best to use an anvil. The recipe is simple, lay the stick in the left space and the enchanted book in the right space.

Crafting an enchanted stick on the anvilCrafting an enchanted stick on the anvil

Enchanted books can be found in chests and also appear when fishing. It is not exactly easyto find the enchanted book of decoy enchantment. In case you don’t know, in another guide we explain how to create an anvil in Minecraft for Android.

Get the lure enchantment with the enchantment table

The other way to enchant a fishing rod is via the enchantment table. In case you don’t know how to prepare them, here is the recipe:

  • First row: book in the middle position
  • Second row: diamonds on the sides and obsidian in the middle.
  • Third row: Three obsidian blocks.

Create an enchantment tableCreate an enchantment table

On the enchantment table you must the reed and the lapis lazuli place to get the different enchantments available.

Craft an enchanted reed on an enchantment tableCraft an enchanted reed on an enchantment table

These enchantments that appear are random, you can get the decoy enchantment or another one. What you should keep in mind is that better enchantments appear when you several library blocks around the enchantment table to complement the stick.

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