What is the Fortnite Battle Pass

The Fortnite Battle Pass is an item that we add to the Fortnite Store for each season 950 V-Bucks able to buy. It is a must-buy for frequent players, because after a certain level it is more advantageous to buy it than not to buy it.

How the Battle Pass works

Once we acquire the Battle Pass we will get new outfits, accessories and even V-Bucks. Of Level 1 bis Level 100 we receive one reward per level, while those above level 100 also receive some additional rewards for reaching very high levels.

Each season, the outfits and additions vary: there was a season dedicated to the Marvel characters, another where we Neymar Jr and Lara Croft can get … When we reach level 100 we will have accumulated up to 1,500 V-Bucks, that’s why it is worth buying in a certain level (we only spend 950 and we can get much more).

Rebirth Raven im Battle PassRebirth Raven im Battle Pass

special missions

With the purchase of the Battle Pass we can complete some special missions that us give more XP points and some new add-ons. This not only makes it easier for us to level up, but also gives us the feeling of being rewarded for achieving certain goals.

Of course, the normal missions are also displayed so that we can keep leveling up whether we have the Battle Pass or not.

How long is the Battle Pass valid?

The Battle Pass is valid for an entire season, although this is not an exact timeline, it is usually about 3 months. If you start playing at the end of the season it might not be worth it, but if the new season has just started it’s definitely a good time to buy it.

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