What is the meaning of ODEX in Lucky Patcher

The term ODEX refers to the expansion of a set of files, that are required for certain applications or even for the operating system. These files are used by the Dalvik virtual machine, which allows users to run applications developed in Java. Thanks to the ODEX, a significant space saving is achieved in the memory of your device.

These components are mainly used to preload specific parts of an application, which increases the speed of a launch. On the other hand, they are a clear obstacle to piracy, as part of an app’s code has been extracted before it runs. As you can imagine, their existence also complicates the internal modification of the software installed on your device.

But what does all this have to do with the Lucky Patcher? Well, thanks to this versatile tool, we can remove ODEX files from an application, which significantly increases the possibilities of modifying the application. Popularly known as DEODEX, this process is very delicate and running in system applications can be dangerous. Therefore, we recommend that you only use this function if you have the necessary knowledge.

In addition, you can use the Lucky Patcher for many other purposes. For example, it can remove built-in ads from some games, create backups in APK format, and change permissions of your applications. In addition, thanks to this tool, you can get rid of bloatware once and for all, that is, the set of annoying pre-installed applications that cannot be deleted. Of course, there is one sine qua non for many of these operations: you must have superuser privileges. In any case, be careful while using Lucky Patcher and avoid the features that may damage your device.

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