What is the password for You TV Player

The You TV Player is an application for playing streaming content that allows access in three different ways. The decision for one or the other variant depends on whether or not you have a Google account, i.e. a Gmail account and the social network Facebook. You also have the option to do this via your usual email. So we want to enumerate all the possibilities.

In any case, the password in the You TV Player app is the same one you use to log into your Google or Facebook account, i.e. the one you use to access those accounts. You can only choose your own password directly when registering by email.

How to register for You TV Player

Once you’ve downloaded the app – you can open it from the button at the bottom of this page – and after giving the application permission to access the multimedia content, you’ll see a screen like this.

Access to the You TV Player appAccess to the You TV Player app

If you want to sign in with your Google account, just click Sign in with Google and enter your Gmail email address and password.

Access via GoogleAccess via Google

You then have direct access to the app and can start enjoying the content.

Access via a Google accountAccess via a Google account

If you want, you can also do this via the social network Facebook. It’s very simple: click on the main screen Sign in with Facebook.

Log in with FacebookLog in with Facebook

Enter the credentials you have on that network to use all the features of You TV Player.

Login with Facebook credentialsLogin with Facebook credentials

If you finally want to sign up with your usual email address, here’s what you need to do. Click on the main login screen Sign in with email.

Registration with emailRegistration with email

Then enter your email address and click Next.

Enter emailEnter email

Then choose a username and password and click Save.

Choose a username and passwordChoose a username and password

The next step is to confirm your email address. So check your inbox and click the link you find there.

Verify email accountVerify email account

And that was it. Once you have confirmed and verified your email address, you can enjoy the content that You TV Player offers and that is available with a simple registration.

last screenlast screen

What is the password for the adult channels?

Due to the sensitivity of its content, this type of channel requires a specific approach. To do this, you must have previously configured access to this channel type and set a 4-digit PIN code. This ensures that nobody, especially children, has access to these channels.

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