What is VoWiFi (WiFi Calling) and How to Enable it?

What is VoWiFi (Wi-Fi Calling)?


VoWiFi (wifi calling)  service; It is a free feature that allows voice and video conversation  by connecting to a WiFi network in cases where your phone’s network is insufficient .

 Calls and calls made with the VoWiFi service are charged on your existing call package provided by your operator .

How to Enable VoWi-Fi (WiFi Calling)?

To open VoWiFi;

[highlight] Method 1 [/ highlight]

Swipe the Notifications panel of your  phone and enable Wi-Fi Calling. If the  icon is not visible in the notifications panel ; In the notifications panel, touch the 3 dots at the top right and then the Key Row . Drag and drop the Wi-Fi Call icon to your notifications panel on the screen that appears .


[highlight] 2nd Method [/ highlight]

Go to Settings> Connections> Wi-Fi Calling on your phone to enable VoWiFi . Off the location Wi-Fi calling the Front ‘s position.

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