What you can do with Lucky Patcher

In relation to Lucky Patcher, the term “modification” means that Customize the inner workings of an application or video game. Either to obtain resources to adapt the operation to our needs or to remove the advertising. Next, we will explain step by step which options are available to you.

First, go to the patch menu. To do this, click on the app you want to change. Please note that some applications part of the system are. Don’t change any of them.

Select applicationSelect application

now up Menu of Patches.

patch menupatch menu

To create a modified APK installable on any device, tap Create Modified APK file.

Create Modified APKCreate Modified APK

From the list of options, open the Apk with Multi-Patch to continue.

Create APK with lots of patchesCreate APK with lots of patches

Then select the patches you want to apply and the available mods. You can do this by ticking each option individually.

select patchesselect patches

Finally, use the button Rebuild The App, to create the modified APK.

Rebuild appRebuild app

From this point on, an installation file in APK format is available to you. You can get them from the area Rebuild & Instalreach l. Also, following the process described above, Lucky Patcher offers you the option to install the application directly.

Install modified appInstall modified app

In addition, Lucky Patcher has many other features that can be very useful for you. For example, it allows you Extract the APK installer file of any application installed on your phone. Thanks to this feature, you can create a backup copy and install it on any device without depending on an app store. Also, thanks to root access, it has the ability to remove pre-installed applications that are often considered bloatware. Finally, with this tool you can very easily change an application’s permissions or clone the app itself.

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