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WhatsApp Aero (APK) V8.61 Download (latest version) -2021


What is WhatsApp Aero?

Download WhatsApp Aero Latest Version apk 2021. Anti-Ban supported. It is the WhatsApp Plus mode of WhatsApp that comes with many more advanced and customized privacy features. whatsapp-aero-yukle-son-surum-2020
In this article you will see “Why Whatsapp Aero is worth downloading”. What you need to know about Whatsapp Aero, this mod has a brand new UI that gives us a good look. Aero mode is not only about its appearance but also its performance. The stability of this mod is way ahead of any WhatsApp mod currently available.

What are the Whatsapp Aero features?

Whatsapp Aero has almost the same features of the Fouad mods, but with fewer bugs and bugs, and all features work great. Also, the performance is excellent. The new look of the UI is what really makes Aero WhatsApp worthy of this time. So read this article till the end.

  • New attractive user interface
  • Faster performance than other WhatsApp modes
  • Aero Theme store built inside
  • Thousands of themes and sticker packs
  • Totally Anti-forbidden WhatsApp mod
  • Home screen customizations
  • Other customizations
  • Better privacy with built-in cabinet
  • Other cool features of Aero WhatsApp mod

Detailed features of WhatsApp Aero

This section contains details of Aero WhatsApp features. If you know all about these features, you can skip this section. Here we go. New attractive user interface We are very bored with the same and old WhatsApp user interface. But with Aero WhatsApp, the main work is done with the improved user interface. The new user interface is just awesome. I don’t think anyone who likes the old UI would love the new one. You should check it out. This user interface is made for Aero WhatsApp only and is not available in other WhatsApp modes and official WhatsApp. Faster performance than other WhatsApp modes This is not just a comment, it’s true. Aero WhatsApp is faster than any WA mod currently available on the internet. As you know, Whatsapp Aero was developed by Hazar Bozkurt. Even faster than Fouad Mods and YoWhatsApp. If you are looking for the best performance WA mod, go to Aero WhatsApp. Thousands of themes and sticker packs Aero WhatsApp has a new Aero Theme store where you can find lots of themes and sticker packs. Also, this feature is built in. You can download the sticker packs to cool the speech packs and use them in chats. You can also find YoThemes in the Aero store. Completely Anti-ban WhatsApp mod You must have been facing banning problems using WhatsApp mods, but Aero will be safe to use WhatsApp and it will have the latest anti-ban system. You will not be banned using Aero WhatsApp. Change your WA mode today and enjoy all the features. Easily download the latest version of WhatsApp Aero from our website. Other cool features of Aero WhatsApp mod Customizations Aero WhatsApp has many customization features. You can customize the home screen icons as well as the notification icons. Your WhatsApp contacts statuses are customizable so you can use a custom status for any of your WA contact. Hidden features

  • You can hide the date and time while copying a message.
  • The forward tag can be hidden using Aero WhatsApp.
  • You can hide second ticks and blue ticks.

Extra features

  • A feature like locker is available in Aero WhatsApp so you can lock your chats without using an extra lock app.
  • The cancel message and status features used when someone deletes a message or status can also be seen.
  • Aero WhatsApp has better privacy options besides the security system.
  • We can restore and restore data in Aero WhatsApp.
  • Aero WhatsApp is ideal for those using WA to send lots of pictures and high quality videos.

WhatsApp Aero Version Information

Version Name: V8.61

File Size: 54 MB

System: Works on Android 4.0 and above devices

Updated: 1 day ago

Important Note: If you have been banned before

  • Please Backup Your Chats (Settings> Chats> Back Up Chats)
  • Uninstall the previous installed Whatsapp Aero.
  • Download the latest version of Aero WhatsApp.
  • Install the latest version of Aero WhatsApp and Re-Verify Your Number.






Those who receive Whatsapp Aero installation error should download the com.aerolla package.


  • Click on the link, wait 10 seconds on the resulting page, it will go to the automatic download page. Video example here:



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