WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number [iPhone and Android]

How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number?


Under normal conditions, only a registered number can be sent via the popular messaging application WhatsApp. To send a message to a person who is not registered in your contacts, you must first save the number. However, it is possible to send messages without registering. There is a method for sending messages without saving a WhatsApp number and it does not take much effort.

You can directly message someone’s number without adding it to your contact list, simply by creating a WhatsApp link  . You can view the steps you need to do for this below.

  1.  Open a web browser on your device 
  2. * Copy the link below and paste it into the address bar of your browser  .
  3. Add the number of the person you want to contact at the end of the  link.
  4. After adding, you will see the  WhatsApp web page.
  5.  Tap on the Start Chat option in the middle of the page that opens  .
  6. When you tap on the option, it will automatically redirect you to the WhatsApp application and to the page where you can message the unregistered number for your contact.
    * When adding the number to the address bar, be sure to include the area code of the number you want to send a message to. Otherwise, you can send a message to someone else from another country.

For example, you want to send a message to a number 0123 456 78 99. For this, go to your phone’s browser and write wa.me/901234567899 in the URL section and press the button at the bottom. In this way, you can easily send WhatsApp messages without saving a number .

Sending a Message to an Unregistered Whatsapp Number

How to send a message to a number that is not registered on Whatsapp  is not like this. The solution is really easy and available. If you are interested, follow the steps below:

  • First   you need to download Click2Chat  Whatsapp  app from Google Play Store. You can download the application for free.
  • Once you open it, you can enter your specific phone number or even change the  country  code.
  • When you finish typing your message, it will take you directly to the Whatsapp app and you can tap on “ Send Now “.
  • You can schedule and send it to a specific time or date by pressing the “ Send Later ” item in the application . So you can send it in a scheduled message.

Why is the number not showing on WhatsApp?

If your contacts are showing numbers instead of names, you may need to reset WhatsApp syncing with your contacts.

First, open your phone’s Settings. Then tap Users & accounts > WhatsApp. Click on Remove Account.



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