WhatsApp Plus Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is WhatsApp Plus and what does it do?


We’ll explain exactly what WhatsApp Plus is all about and what you can use it for. When was it created? What are the advantages over the alternatives?

WhatsApp Plus  is WhatsApp app, an unofficial modified version of instant messaging and chat app , it allows us to use this messenger, with more options and customization functionality than the original app.

It was created a few years ago  by a Spanish man known as Rafalense , although he left the project shortly afterwards, in 2012 the first version of this development was released. Other users got their work from there.

The app, just like the original development, allows us to end text messages, make calls or make video calls directly from our phone with our people who use the app.

This version adds certain functionality and options in the area of ​​privacy, customization or file sending, which is highly demanded by the user community and that WhatsApp has not yet added for some reason.


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WhatsApp Plus comes with various features regarding how it works. First, it  is not an official app as it was developed on WhatsApp’s source code without the owners’ permission .

For this purpose, it cannot be downloaded from Google’s official store and you must refer to download sites like ours.

This also means that we cannot update the app via Google Play Services: you have to check yourself for a new version and install it manually.

On the other hand, WhatsApp Plus uses WhatsApp’s infrastructure without its permission. Therefore, there may be some risks and problems.

The backup save to Google Drive function is not available, so you should store your backups in your phone’s internal storage.

Also, your account may be banned for using such MODs as Facebook penalizes their use and tries to avoid it in favor of the official client  .

  • Using WhatsApp Plus , it allows you to hide your connection time, hide statuses, apply visual themes and change the direction of the interface or wallpapers. There are new emoticons (although only your people using WhatsApp Plus will appreciate them), file sending options have been improved to be able to send larger files and more formats.

Where to download WhatsApp Plus?


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How to use WhatsApp Plus?


We will show you how to use the key features of WhatsApp Plus and where each is located. What you need to do to start a chat, start a video call or customize the interface;

If you are a regular user of WhatsApp, you should have no problem knowing how to use WhatsApp Plus. It is used in the same way  . This means that once you download the app, all you have to do is log in with your phone number and communicate with your contacts in any way possible, just like you did with the original WhatsApp app.



After installing it, you can start taking advantage of it. The interface is divided into 3 tabs:  Chats  ,  Status  and  Calls  .

  • The first  lists the text conversations of both individuals and groups  .  Click on the floating icon with a + sign to start a conversation  and select the icon like text bubble. To make a call, enter the relevant chat and press the video camera or phone icons at the top right, depending on whether you want to make a video or audio call. To type a message, touch the bottom text box of the chat window, the keyboard will be displayed and you can type whatever you want or record it with a microphone and send a voice message.
  • Tap the Status tab, open camera recording videos or take photos to post. If you tap the floating pencil icon, you can write and send a text message as status.
  • The Calls tab is for calls.  Calls shows have been made and you can initiate conversations via the floating phone-shaped icon. When you tap it, all you have to do is select a contact from your address book to start a video or audio call.

Privacy and security

To manage your privacy and security ,  you need to tap the icon (3 horizontal stripes) in the upper right corner of the chat tab and  enter Plus Settings . There  is a section called Privacy and Security with all the available options  .


The new window is divided into two parts. At the top,  you will find privacy settings, read settings related to your visibility on the network, message reading control or voice recording text when using the microphone to send voice memos  .


If you scroll down, you will see the security settings where you can set different methods to block access to the application.




When it comes to interface customization, options  are located in the menu called Plus Settings  . When you log in, you will see several entries in the menu:


  • Themes  : for downloading and managing visual themes.
  • Universal  : general application interface settings, many of them affect the entire application.
  • Main Screen  : about the first screen, ie the list of chats.
  • Chat Screen  : settings dedicated to chat windows, that is, already in conversations.
  • Widget  : to customize the app widget.

The only thing you may find weird is the first download you have to do via our website as the app is no longer available on Google Play.  Remember to visit our website periodically to manually check for new releases and updates .


WhatsApp Chat Backup and Conversations Migration Method

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Is WhatsApp Plus safe?


Many users are wondering if it is safe to use WhatsApp Plus. We will try to answer this question keeping in mind the file to be downloaded and installed, and how the application handles our information and data.

Unfortunately, we cannot be sure that it is 100% safe to use WhatsApp Plus.

However, the nature of the application itself may raise doubts about its use as the original code was an application developed without the owner’s permission. This involves several risks:

  • Losing our WhatsApp account : Using WhatsApp MODs forces Facebook to be able to ban our account, remove the MOD and use the official client even if nothing more demanding. Usage as with MODs. It is true that all these massive bans are only imposed in certain circumstances and add anti-ban functions to keep all these apps effective, but a huge risk of bans is still lurking and could happen in the near future.
  • Message privacy  : WhatsApp Plus uses the code and infrastructure of WhatsApp Messenger, but how exactly? It is difficult to know who is keeping our conversations, whether they are stored on WhatsApp’s official services as they say, or if they go to other servers unrelated to Facebook, whether these MODs are under the control of the developers. Or other people interested in our data.

The truth is that when we use the official app we cannot be 100% sure of the integrity of our messages. By accepting the upload and use of it, we also accept how WhatsApp Messenger can process our data, apart from guaranteeing that messages are end-to-end encrypted. Facebook is an American company that is said to collaborate with the US national security agency.

  • Message integrity : If you are concerned about the storage and backup of your messages, you should be very careful. WhatsApp Messenger uses a dual backup creation system that stores backups on our phone’s internal storage and on Google Drive.

Backup functions via Google Drive do not work in WhatsApp Plus and other MODs. This means you will only have a local backup. To use it, you need a file explorer on your phone or connecting the latter to your computer to be able to copy and save files created by the backup process.

You also need to check from the MOD itself how it will work in other MODs you decide to use or even in the official client. In order to be able to import the backup in any of the previous cases, you need to check the steps to be taken in each case.


Is there a WhatsApp Plus for the iPhone? Yes

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Do iPhone users have options to use WhatsApp Plus? Maybe you may not believe it, but they are different with a few differences. Just keep reading and we’ll tell you about WhatsApp Plus MOD for iOS.

Yes, there is a WhatsApp Plus for iPhone. There are two options to be able to use the iPhone version , depending on whether your device is jailbroken or not:

  • Without jailbreak , you can download the IPA file that we have provided below a few lines  and install it using a tool of Cydia Impactor that  we offer you .
  • With jailbreak , the ultimate repository of iPhone and iPad apps not available in the official repository  are installed through Cydia  . If that’s the case, you should just visit Cydia and search there.




We should point out that this WhatsApp Plus is not developed by the same creators as the Android version. In fact, it is not even known as the same name as it is officially named WhatsApp ++ or WA ++. In iOS, WhatsApp MODs are not that popular and therefore have not a lot of usability.

As on Android, this WhatsApp + version for iPhone offers us different advantages, such as hiding double blue ticks for read messages or hiding our last online time to our contacts. For the latter, we need to add many customization options for the interface or the option to send more and larger files at once.

Note that if you choose to use this type of tool, you will no longer be using the official app and will not receive regular updates. Also note that WhatsApp blocks the use of this type of app every time: If you want to continue chatting with your contacts, you may have to uninstall your MOD and install the official version. However, keep in mind that both the official version and this MOD can coexist on your phone screen without any issues.

Can I be banned from WhatsApp while using WhatsApp Plus?


By using a WhatsApp MOD similar to WhatsApp Plus, you take certain risks. Can you be banned? We will answer this question as we try to explain what can happen to your account in this instant messaging app.


Yes: WhatsApp WhatsApp Plus or use another unofficial mod  ,  not allowing you to send or receive any messages  barred from service  your being  can provide .

These apps are unofficial enhancements that change the original source code without permission to offer new functionality features. This app is illegal and is therefore monitored by WhatsApp Messenger owners who believe that their services are being used without permission and without complying with the terms and conditions of use imposed on their users.

Generally, when a MOD user is banned, it is  never a permanent measure  . To date, users are notified that their account is blocked and invited to uninstall this version and install the official client to roll back. However, this does not mean that if you continue to violate the terms and conditions of the app, they cannot impose permanent bans on your account.


On the other hand, current mainstream MODs gradually added antiban functions and tools to avoid this problem . By doing this, they tried to overcome the restrictions imposed by Facebook and extend the useful life of these developments.

Since WhatsApp Plus first came out in 2012, users have been followed and banned several times. The bans occurred regularly, perhaps because WhatsApp decided to follow users more intensively or antiban measures stopped working. In any case, the major problem here is that you know that your account may be banned for using WhatsApp Plus or any other available MOD. This is the risk you have to take.


How is WhatsApp Plus customized?


One of the many advantages of WhatsApp Plus is that it has many customization options. We tell you where they are and how you can use them to customize the entire interface and behavior of the app.

Options for customizing WhatsApp Plus are in your settings and in the configuration section or in the person’s own settings in the same chat.

WhatsApp Plus General Customization

To customize your messaging client, go to the main Chat tab, click the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner and   go to Plus Settings .



Inside the window settings, notice this section shown in the picture.



Themes  are pre-designed XML templates that completely change the app from wallpapers to menu colors. It’s the fastest and easiest way to completely change the view if you don’t want to configure the app in detail (even if you apply them, you can change certain aspects later). Click this entry to see all your options.


  • Download Themes : Access to the available themes online library. If you click this option, you will access a library with thousands of different themes. All you have to do is browse through the list until you find a theme you like and  click Apply on the right  . After a few seconds, the entire WhatsApp Plus interface will change.


  • Load Themes : If you save a theme to the SD card, you can restore the theme you saved with this option.
  • Save Themes  : allows you to save the changes you have made to the theme currently applied.
  • Style Restore  : This option is your back completely installed theme installation settings again and make it look like the original.
  • Reset preferences : To return to the default view.
  • Delete all saved / loaded themes  :  deletes all saved and loaded  themes .

General Settings

In this section you will find a few different settings related to customization.



  • Colors  : allows you to change the colors of different parts of the interface. You can change the “universal” color for the entire UI, plus ActionBar, wallpaper, status bar, navigation bar, and even the lines separating chats in the conversation tab.


  • Styles (look and feel): You can change the app icon and notification icons, choose from a variety of fonts, different emoji packs, or even use old emojis.


  • Hide media from gallery  : One of the features of this MOD is to make your gallery photos, videos or GIFs invisible while chatting. In this section, you can define exactly what type of content will be visible when you open the gallery. From here, you can reset the settings of this feature at any time or restart the phone if the settings you applied are not valid.


  • Backup and restore  : in this section you will find options to create and restore backups. Please note that these are different options from those found on regular WhatsApp customers, found elsewhere.


  • Settings : This section contains all of the different settings. You can configure the language, set a card system for each chat, disable notifications and card counter, change the GIF provider, delete logs, resize images that can be sent, or disable the image limit that can be shared at the same time.


Main monitor

In this section, it is possible to change the appearance of the Home Screen, which is the chat window every time you access the application and where all our conversations are listed.


  • Header  : this section changes the header view of the main screen window. You can make your username appear, disappear under the name of the status, show your contacts status as on Instagram, show or not show the icon to enable airplane mode, disable the app name to allow hidden access, ask or change the color of the different components of this header.


  • Lines : As we can see, all conversations are listed in the Conversations tab. This list can be customized in many ways. It is possible to change the general style to look like other popular MODs. Also, you can change the size of each line / person and different colors on the screen. You can also hide your contacts’ online status and when they were last connected.



  • Animated Action Button : The threads tab has a floating icon with a + icon. From this section you can configure its appearance and behavior, hide it, change its color, and make various additional adjustments.


  • Status  : In the Status section you will find options referring to the MOD status function. In essence, it allows you to change colors and offers a few other options to mute statuses, hide previously seen statuses or recent updates section.


You will also find some adjustments to round the corners of pictures, hide lines bordering chat lines, disable online statuses for everyone, or assign tones when a person is online and available.

Chat Screen

In  Chat Screen  you can find all the customization settings related to our conversations chat windows. As in the previous case, there are specific settings and some generalized settings for certain parts of the interface.


  • Action Bar  : This is the top part of the chat window where the contact’s name, status, as well as icons to initiate a call or video call. Here you can change colors, make the person’s image, name or status visible or hidden, hide the phone-shaped icon, change the background or colors of this section.


  • Chat Bubbles and Tics : This is where you can customize everything about the chat bubbles you see in a conversation and the tics that accompany each message. There are several suitable styles for both, plus the option to resize them and a host of possibilities for changing colors.


  • Pictures  : As you can guess from the name, this is where you can make adjustments to the images and pictures in the conversations. You can choose whether to show your photo of your contact in all messages you send or messages you receive. The same options are available for groups and you can change their size.


  • Speech Input Style  : these options refer to the text box in which you type messages to the bottom of chat windows. Several styles are available, and from these styles there are a number of options to change the background colors, buttons (emoji, send or microphone in voice messages) or the letters of the text you type.


  • Other options  : additional customization options for the emojis section, shared links in a chat, the forwarding icon, and the appearance of that information in the conversation … a little bit of everything that wasn’t included in the previous sections.


After all, you have a new battery categorized as Mods, Voice Memos / Voice Modes and Forward Settings.


  • Modes  : You can enable the possibility to set different wallpapers for each conversation, make the person’s image your own background, and hide the date and name when you copy more than two messages.
  • Voice Memos / Sound modes  : you can enable or disable the proximity sensor.
  • Forwarding Settings  : settings related to the messages you forward.


The last possibilities include adjusting the appearance of the WhatsApp Plus widget. Basically, it lets you change the widget’s background colors, contact name and status. As always click on each option to see the full palette of colors available that you can adjust using the HSV, RGB or HEX code.


The best you can do is explore all the customization options available and try out the various settings until you find the look you want for your device.


How to hide ‘online’ status in WhatsApp Plus?


Among the options in WhatsApp Plus is a feature to hide Online status while using the app. We show you how it is activated and what you can do without others knowing about your activities.

To  hide WhatsApp’s online status so no one can see if a user is  online,  follow the steps below.

Open the WhatsApp Plus app and go to the settings menu. To do this,  go to the  Chats tab and click the icon in the upper right corner with 3 horizontal lines.



Now  select Plus Settings in the menu that appears in that corner .


The setting we are interested in is the Privacy and Security section, which contains all privacy-related settings .


The first option on the list,  froze to Last Seen ‘to  touch and move the switch to the right. This hides the “Online” status.


Finally, you must restart the application for the setting to take effect. From that moment on, the change takes effect and when you talk to someone or enter your chat, they will no longer be able to see if you are online.

If someone is using WhatsApp Messenger or any other unofficial MOD, you will always be listed as offline while using the app.

WhatsApp’s  online  status is something that bothers many users, as it prevents the rest of the users from reading messages or getting online without learning. The app has already  implemented a way to hide the last connection time or disable blue ticks for read messages  , but this is a different setting.

Currently, official WhatsApp still   does not allow you to disable the online status, so you have to use WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Aero or other MODs such as GBWhatsApp as described here. In addition, it makes it possible to configure other functions related to the user’s privacy so you never  stop following it .


How to use 2 WhatsApp numbers with WhatsApp Plus?


The trick to have two WhatsApp phone numbers using WhatsApp Plus. Two different ways for two accounts to work on the same phone: using other MODs or cloning apps.

To have two WhatsApp phone numbers using WhatsApp Plus , you will need to install other WhatsApp MODs or use one of the options to clone or duplicate existing apps on this OS. However, either of these options  requires you to have two working phone numbers on a dual sim phone or two phones .

Option 1: Setting up WhatsApp Plus and another WhatsApp MOD

Your first choice is to use WhatsApp Plus and another WhatsApp MOD such as GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Aero.

First, download and install WhatsApp Plus from our site . Then start the installation like you normally do with other Android apps.

Once the app is installed, all you need to do is save your first phone number to get it set up and running.

Next, you have to repeat the same procedure with any of the available WhatsApp MODs  . We recommend using GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp AERO although you can choose any other available MOD .

However, beyond these two options we offer you, we cannot 100% guarantee that it will work and verify that they work correctly.

Install this second WhatsApp Mode with your second phone number. Make sure the phone number is working so you can get the number verification message.

  • From this point on, you will have two phone numbers, one working with WhatsApp Plus and the other with the additional MOD of your choice.

Option 2: Cloning apps

The second option is to clone an app, in this case WhatsApp Plus. This can be done from the phone itself (some manufacturers include their own tools to do this), operating system tools (latest versions of Android allow to work with different user profiles), or using Parallel Space , a third party app that basically has this feature. It offers the same features as our first option for phones that are not.

  • Native app cloning  : Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus or Oppo phone makers who add their own tools to clone apps on the OS. These tools generally Clone Apps  or  Dual Apps called  and usually found in Android settings. If you have such a phone, check if there is such an option in your operating system version.

It should provide a list of apps that you can clone and should include WhatsApp Plus. Make a clone. When you return to your app menu, you will see that you have two WhatsApp Plus icons with the new one, the second and a lock icon.

Enter the app and you will see you are looking at a second WhatsApp Plus to configure it. All you have to do is save your second phone number and enter the verification code so you have two WhatsApp Plus working with different phone numbers on the same device.

  • User profiles  : Introduced from Android 5.0 Lollipop, the option to create multiple users for one device.  View the notification menu on your Home Page by sliding your finger from top to bottom  and repeat the process to expand the view of this notification bar and quick settings.

Among all the icons, you will see the user icon, the classic bust of a person: tap on it. Use your users and  visitors Add  and  users  add ‘s will appear where you can see a new menu.

Click the + button to create a new user. Set up the new user, you will need a different Google Account than the main account. Now download WhatsApp Plus and install normally. Register your second phone number and you will have completed the configuration of the two WhatsApp Plus clients.

However, with this method, you have to switch between user accounts to read and send messages from one or the other.

  • Parallel Space  : This app allows you to clone apps, if your phone doesn’t have this feature, it’s the best possible alternative to the manufacturers’ options we mentioned in the first scenario. What it does is duplicate a pre-installed app like WhatsApp Plus.

It’s simple to use. Once opened, it detects installed apps and tells you which ones it can clone, among them you’ll be able to see WhatsApp Plus because you have already installed it. Select Clone app and look for the new icon in your installed apps menu when you’re done. As always, sign up with your second phone number and when it’s done, you can enjoy both phone numbers on the same phone and using the same app.


How can I find out if someone is using WhatsApp Plus?


Do you need to know if someone is using WhatsApp Plus? We will tell you how you can detect these situations.

There is no such thing as a 100% reliable way to find out who is using WhatsApp Plus. The only thing you can do is keep an eye out and check if you see any signs that might confirm your suspicions, unless you are in contact. In any case, pay attention to the following signs:

  • Situation  : If the person you’re talking to never shows their status in their chat, start suspecting. One of the main features of WhatsApp Plus is that it allows us to hide this information. So if you are talking to someone who has never appeared Online, this could be the first sign that they are using this type of MOD.
  • Connection time  : Another of the main features of WhatsApp Plus is that it allows us to hide the last seen time. If you find a blank space when you check this information, this is the second sign that you may be using a MOD.
  • If there is no double blue tick  : When you send a message to WhatsApp and your contact reads it, it shows a double blue tick. If you’re in a conversation and your contact is replying to you but the messages you send don’t have a double blue check check, that’s a third sign to think that the person is using a MOD. If this double blue check only appears when it responds to you, there are more reasons to suspect it is a newly added function to WhatsApp Plus.
  • If you can’t see smilies : All MODs offer us additional smilies that aren’t available in the official version. If you send emoticons but you can’t see them on your phone screen and you can view a small square with a question mark in it, there’s another sign to thank you for using WhatsApp Plus or another MOD. You will only be able to see this content if you are using it at the same time.

For more answers, write your question in the comments section.

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