When did Brawl Stars come out?

The daring experiment of the creators of Clash Royale, a Third-Person-Shooter Mixing it with the MOBA genre resulted in one of the biggest hitting mobile games of 2019. Today it is one of the star titles of the Android-Gamingin whose arenas millions of players compete every day.

The game was originally published in June 2017. With this, Supercell wanted to introduce a new world and step out of the lineage drawn by Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, which, while counting millions of fans around the world, divides the universe. In a way, the developer wanted to break with everything that had been done up to that point, although at the same time he tried to make the title 100% recognizable as a pure Supercell game.

On June 15th of this year 2017, Brawl Stars landed in ten regions of the world: Canada, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia. As if that wasn’t enough, it debuted on iOS and it would still be a while before it would be available on Android. During this time, the regions that received it initially served as a testing ground before global rollout.

Unsurprisingly, the game performed extremely well in the countries where it first appeared. This led to Supercell coming up with a curious marketing strategy that would be split into two phases. The first was not talking about Brawl Stars since the summer of 2018. The second was trying to make the entire user base believe that the game would be canceled after the huge expectations.

This is not an isolated case. It wouldn’t be the first time that Supercell has started development on a title that, if it doesn’t receive the desired reception or performance from the gaming community, will be sent straight to nirvana. This stunned the user base that was already looking forward to playing this new MOBA. It made no sense for Supercell to cancel Brawl Stars; the game looked too good to bear a demolition.

A live stream was finally scheduled for November 14, 2018 on YouTube entitled ” Brawl Stars, we need to talk…” announced by which the developer fooled fans into believing that the title would eventually be discontinued. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this broadcast, the game’s first tournament was held as a kickoff and it was announced that the Date for the worldwide release of the game on the December 12, 2018 had been laid. This ended the months of tension and the Hypeand finally players all over the world could join in the excitement.

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