Who is the best tank in Brawl Stars?

If we compare the different tanks or heavyweights in Brawl Stars we must put them all in a row and analyze them one by one.


Bull is an easy heavyweight to get as we can get to him by progressing down Trophy Road (and that’s in the first few hours of the game). At max health he has 6860 damage, a small amount but not negligible given his abilities.


As for the damage he can inflict, Bull is deadly at close range. At medium range, his shotgun spreads shots too much to do any significant damage. But in close-ranged combat, having this brawler at the helm really pays off. With just a few shots, you can decide the fate of an enemy.

Its movement speed is moderately fast, and its special ability can help us get out of a sticky situation (while doing a lot of damage along the way). It’s one of the most balanced tanks in the game and due to its fast reaction time, it’s one of the most open to mistakes.

The cousin

The Primo is obtained by opening Brawl Boxes, and you know what that means: there’s no guarantee you’ll find it any time soon. In fact, all of the heavyweights we’ll be looking at from now on share this quirk. At its max level, this brawler has 8400 life points, one of the highest numbers on the list.

The cousinThe cousin

His attacks can do quite a bit of damage quickly, his Signature Ability is competent, and his Star Skills add even more damage to what he’s already capable of. However, El Primo doesn’t focus so much on offense as more on defense. While other tanks are a bit more versatile, this character is ideal for leading a group of players and taking most hits with ease.

He also moves fairly quickly, making it relatively easy for you to find cover and a spot to restore health.


When you talk about Rosa, you’re talking about one of the most versatile heavyweights in the game. At max level, this character has 7560 health points, which puts him somewhere in the middle of what we’ve seen so far.


Rosa’s main attribute is speed. She is incredibly fast, both moving and attacking. Her punches can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time, and her signature ability makes her an almost unstoppable opponent. She is very attack and defense oriented, although she lacks the health to endure a large amount of hits.

She’s spectacular when played solo, but her Star Skills are more in line with what a tank serving as the vanguard of a group should be: firstly, she can restore health faster while stealthed, and secondly, she can be with anyone Strike do more damage.


In terms of damage, Darryl is the weakest tank we’ve seen so far. He’s the fastest and easiest to control, but at max health he only does 6720 damage. It’s very fast and agile, but not what you would call robust.


However, where Darryl excels is on offense. His attacks do a lot of damage at close range, and his special attack allows him to reload and chain good amounts of fire at a fairly high rate. As an offensive heavyweight, Darryl is nothing wrong at all.

Its special attack doesn’t do much damage, but it can be useful for quickly escaping from sticky situations. His Star Skills increase his armor and increase the speed at which he performs his special. Still, he’s not a regular heavyweight and needs to be handled differently.


Jacky is a heavyweight who is 100% focused on his defensive skills. At max level it has 7000 health points, is an agile tank and its attacks deal moderate damage. What makes this brawler interesting is its special attack, which creates a whirlwind that pulls in all enemies within range.


This can be especially useful in scenarios where various mobs (like Robo Rumble) can surround players. Jacky can lure them in and finish them off with her normal attack because that’s the character’s leitmotif: making life easier for the rest of the party.

It’s not a heavyweight for beginners, as one of its core abilities adds a counterattack that you need to know how to execute at the right moment. On the other hand, his other stellar ability increases the character’s armor.


Frank is the ultimate heavyweight. He has the most health at his highest level (8960 points), does the most damage, and has the most devastating special attack. I already mentioned that using Frank in Brawl Ball is practically a guarantee of victory, because as soon as he charges up and uses his special, it stuns opponents and allows you to chain it with normal attacks very quickly.


There’s no doubt that he’s an absolute beast offensively, as well as defensively: he can absorb an inhuman amount of damage as if he were doing nothing while taking out enemies left and right. Killing him requires several opponents to direct their fire at him, and even then it takes some time.

Frank looks great on paper, but he has one major drawback: he’s very slow. It’s sluggish to move, so launching an attack takes time, and the same goes for its special. But when he manages to hit multiple opponents at once, things change. Of course, you’re not always so lucky.


With all that said, we need to split the answers. First of all, the best tank award for new players goes straight to Rosa, based solely on her versatility and the skills she brings to the table: she’s the fastest, she can absorb and deal a good amount of damage, and she’s perfect at it Attack and defense set.

Second, the best heavyweight for users who have a few games under their belt is Frank. It may not be the fastest, but in the right hands it can be devastating. If you already have some experience, don’t hesitate to use it.

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