Who owns Signal

Signal is an instant messaging service provided by Signal Messenger LLC is developed and maintained. This company is legally registered in the United States and is responsible for making its services available to all users regardless of their country of residence.

A distinctive feature of Signal Messenger LLC is that they act as charitable foundation (501c3) is registered. The entities covered by these regulations operate for charitable, literary, educational or scientific purposes and in no case seek to increase their capital year after year. Rather, their aim is to collect sufficient funds to finance their activities. To achieve the latter, Signal accepts donations from any user, following a system very similar to that of other online services such as Wikipedia.

The fact that Signal’s developers work under the umbrella of an independent, non-profit foundation, without the influence of a large technology company, directly impacts the level of privacy and security that the platform offers. Therefore, the official signal client does not track you, does not collect your data for analysis purposes and does not display any advertising.

It’s interesting to note that everything we’ve mentioned so far doesn’t affect the functionality of the application. In fact, it has the same features as WhatsApp and is also very similar to Telegram. It allows you to send all kinds of files, such as pictures, videos or documents, to share your location or to transfer contacts. So it turns out that Providing privacy and security to users does not mean skimping on features or a complete messaging application waive got to.

If you want to use Signal, you can get the app in the usual way from your device’s app store. However, if you enjoy one reliable and fast downloads the latest version, use the link you can find on this page.

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