Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile? | The Only True Way

How can I find out who has viewed my Whatsapp profile? Who viewed my profile ? If you say how to understand, read this article carefully. You will know whether it is real or true.

See Ministers on My WhatsApp Profile

To see who looks at your Whatsapp profile , you must first have one of the Whatsapp Plus modes. You can download the latest versions from the links below.

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A daily log is kept in these Whatsapp plus modes . The log working system automatically falls into the recording area when someone is online, changes their profile picture or status text.

For example; You downloaded the WhatsApp Aero application and installed it on your device.

How To Find Out Who Viewed My Profile Steps:

  • Click on the top right 3 dots in the WhatsApp Aero application .
  • Click on Aero privileges .
  • Go to the Main Screen section and turn it off if the Online Notification Disabled option is turned on.
  • Then delete all your chats with that person to find out who looks at your profile .
  • If you are in the same group, clear the chats in that group as well.
  • Never look at that person’s profile. You have no communication.
  • If, after a while, you receive an online notification from the person you cut off all communication with, that person has looked at your profile.
  • If you missed the online notification, you can check the number in the Log (log) section.

Click the Animated Action Button (FAB) option in the Main Screen settings from the Aero privileges or plus modes section to log records. Especially if the FAB log button is hidden , activate it from the same place. The FAB button drops to the Whatsapp home screen . You can view the log records here.

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