WiFi Won’t Turn On Problems and Solutions-2021

If you ‘re complaining about WiFi not turning on “, here is the solution ! Have you encountered Wi-Fi connection problems with your Android phone or tablet ? Don’t worry, Wi-Fi problems are very common. For this reason, we have prepared a solution for your Wi-Fi problems.

While preparing this article, we will first move from simple solutions to complex solutions . If you follow all the steps, you will find a solution to your device’s Wi-Fi problem.

Wifi Won’t Turn On On My Android Phone or Tablet?

There is no single reason why you might run into a Wi-Fi problem on your Android device. We can classify them into 4 items.

Possible reasons;

  1. Network configurations such as IP address and DHCP
  2. Firmware issues
  3. Wi-Fi wrong password or information
  4. Radio wave distribution: (WiFi is radio waves traveling in a straight line; a remote location state from the modem or behind separate walls)

  1. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Turn your Wi-Fi off and on again

Pull down the notifications part of your phone and tap the Wi-Fi icon 5 seconds after it’s turned off, turn it back on. After your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network, see if the problem is fixed. This simple solution is mostly effective no matter which model you have.

   2. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Switching Your Device to Airplane Mode

This solution is a useful way for many users. On your device, pull down the notifications section and tap the Airplane mode icon. Take the device that you switched to airplane mode out of airplane mode after 5 seconds. And check if your Wi-Fi problem is fixed or not.

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   3. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Is your phone Bluetooth On?

Bluetooth can be a problem for Wi-Fi because some users may notice that Wi-Fi is not working on some phones when Bluetooth is turned on. If your Bluetooth is turned on, pull down the notifications section and touch the Bluetooth icon to turn it off. Then turn your Wi-Fi back on and check if the problem is resolved.


  4.  Solution: Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode helps ensure that your device’s battery consumes less power for a longer period of time. Since Wi-Fi is known to drain your battery quickly, it can often disconnect your Wi-Fi connection when you turn on power saving mode. For this, you can turn off the Power Saving Mode in the settings of your device . This solution can help you fix your Wi-Fi problem.

  5. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Forget All Wi-Fi Networks and Reconnect

This method is useful for fixing Wi-Fi problems. Delete all previously registered Wi-Fi networks to properly connect to your Wi-Fi.

For this;

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings menu
  2. Go to Links
  3. Tap Wi-Fi search
  4. You will see all the Wi-Fi networks you have previously added to your phone . Click on each one one by one and press Forget .

After deleting all Wi-Fi networks, go to Settings, go to Connections, then Wi-Fi search. Turn on your Wi-Fi to connect to the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to by typing the password again. Check to see if the problem is fixed.


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   6. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Entering the Wi-Fi Password Correctly

Passwords for Wi-Fi are very important for security, so when typing passwords, attention should be paid to uppercase letters, numbers and symbols . Check again the Wi-Fi password you wrote down.

   7. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Are You Connected to the Correct Wi-Fi Network?

There may be similarly named Wi-Fi network names. Make sure you are connecting to the correct network.

   8. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Restart your device

Restarting your phone can help fix WiFi not turning on problems. Root your phone off and reboot after a few seconds. See if the issue is resolved.

   9. [/ su_highlight] Solution: OS Update

Operating systems should be updated regularly. If WiFi is not turning on, connection problems may be due to a software bug, so check to see if your device has the latest software update .

  1. Go to your device’s Settings menu to check for software update
  2. Click About Device
  3. Tap Check for Updates or Download Manual Updates .


   10. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep

If your device is interrupting the Wi-Fi, check the Wi-Fi settings.

  1. Follow the path to Connections and Wi-Fi in the Settings menu of your phone
  2. You can see different options depending on the device you use . Click on the 3 dots at the top right and click on More or Advanced .
  3. Go to the pop-up menu by tapping advanced or more details at the bottom of the screen that appears.
  4. Here ” Sleep, hold it open while Wi-Fi ” option to ” Always ,” he set.

   11. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Reboot Modem

If no device connected to the modem is working, it is recommended that you restart your modem. To do this, you must follow the manual that came with the modem. Depending on the model and type of modem you are using, you may need to follow different steps. Restarting the modem can help you fix Wi-Fi connectivity problems caused by problems with the modem.


   12. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Third Party Applications

Some third-party apps may prevent Wi-Fi from working. Check the apps you downloaded last since you started having the problem. If you did, check to see if the apps are up to date. If you still have the same problem despite being up-to-date, if the problem is with an app, check that app. remove it or disable it, and check the Wi-Fi again.

If you’re still having trouble despite this, boot your device into safe mode to check if a third-party app is causing the problem .

In safe mode to start in safe mode on and off , follow the instructions.

Use your phone in Safe Mode and check if the Wi-Fi connection is working fine. If the Wi-Fi connects well, the problem might be due to third-party apps installed . Then restart your phone normally to enter normal mode. Until your Wi-Fi is working properly, uninstall the apps that you think might be causing the problem.

   13. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Checking the Wireless Router Settings

Make sure your phone has Wi-Fi access allowed and the Mac Address is not blocked or blocked connecting to the Wi-Fi router.

  14.  Solution: Date and Time

Date and time play very important roles on Android devices . They must match the date and time on the router you are trying to connect to, otherwise the connection may fail.

Make sure your phone’s date and time reflect the date and time of your location. You can change it by going to the Settings menu of your phone and then tapping Date & Time. Next, you should change the date and time to your current location and try to connect to the Wi-Fi again.

   15. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Updating the Modem’s Firmware

Sometimes Wi-Fi not turning on on Android devices can be caused by the modem used to connect to the wireless network. In order to fix this problem, you need to update your modem’s software.

You may need to follow your router update steps using your modem’s manual, or you can get online help for your router .

After updating your modem , try connecting your phone to the Wi-Fi network again and check if the issue is resolved.


   16. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Clearing the Cache and Data of Wi-Fi Direct

If your device cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network, one of the steps to fix the problem is to delete the cache and data of the Wi-Fi Direct. After this data is deleted, the device automatically creates new cache files and the problem is eliminated.

Lütfen Dikkat!

Clearing Cache and Data will also erase the passwords of all registered networks, so make sure you know the network name and password.

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  1. Go to your phone's Settings menu
  2. Go to Applications
  3. Tap on  Application Manager
  4. Tap Show system apps by touching the 3 dots from the top right and search for Wi-Fi Direct .
  5. Tap on Wi-Fi Direct
  6. Tap on storage
  7. Tap on Delete Data and confirm
  8. Tap on Clear Cache and confirm

Now restart your phone and try using your Wi-Fi. Check if the problem is resolved.

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   17. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Wipe the Cache Partition of your Android Device if wifi won't turn on

To see if the problem is due to some corrupt caches, you should try it. Your applications, files and user data are not deleted in this process  .

To wipe the cache partition:

  • Turn off your device.
  •  Press and hold the Volume Up key and the  Home  key together, then  press and hold the Power key.
  • When the Android logo appears, release all keys (the 'Installing system update' screen will show for about 30 - 60 seconds before showing the Android system recovery menu options. Wait a moment for this).
  • Go to the 'wipe cache partition'  option with the volume down key  .
  • Press the Power key to select it.
  • Select 'yes'  option with the volume down key  and press Power key to confirm.
  • When this process is completed, come to the  "Reboot system now"  option with the Volume button and confirm with the Power button.
  • Restart your device.

See if the problem persists after this procedure. If the problem still persists, take our next last step.

   18. [/ su_highlight] Solution: Resetting Your Android Device to Factory Settings


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