Windows 10 22H2 – What's New?

Windows 10 22H2 – What's New?
Microsoft has announced the next version of Windows 10; 22H2. It is currently available in the release preview channel of the Windows Insider program. However, does this update actually change anything? In this video, we’ll be taking a look at Windows 10 Version 22H2.

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28 thoughts on “Windows 10 22H2 – What's New?”

  1. Altough I'm using Windows Dev channel for over 1 year with the exact same specs Lots of new stuff and changes when I upgraded to Windows 11 Insider Preview in June 28, 2021
    And Yes I tried Windows 10 22H2 on a VMware and Nothing changed and new stuff wasn't added.
    My specs:
    Year Built: Mid-2017
    OS: Windows 11 Pro
    Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
    RAM: 16 GB DDR4
    GPU: AMD RX 570 (4GB)
    Motherboard: ECS A320AM4-M3D
    Additional Notes: My Motherboard is Upgradealbe to a Ryzen 7 1800X but not yet since It's still fast for Windows. It was Built for "High-End"

  2. About the top bar in the setting, as what I know from my experience, when I switched from Enterprise to Professional, I got that top bar too, so I'm guessing it's about the edition. Thanks for the video mate

  3. I just installed win10 22h2 build on my i3 4th laptop and it felt running quite snappy compared to previous win10 build, at first I thought it was just a placebo effect but after seeing the 5s improvement in boot time of ur virtual machine ig it wasn't a pleacabo effect

    Note: It's just my assumption

  4. I mean it kind of makes sense, the end of support date will expands with 22H2 so I guess there's that.

    I mean maybe there were bug fixes or something, but yeah…. compare 22H2 for Windows 10 and Windows 11 and it's very clear which one Microsoft cares more about lol.

    I wouldn't say there's anything especially wrong with that, Windows 10 is solid enough, and Windows 11 is the newest OS so obviously Microsoft would put more eggs in that basket

  5. is that UR mic crackling? 1:08 just want to be sure you know these RealTek Audio Driver pretty much suck, but I had to install the latest DDAudio Drivers to be able to use and have DTS HeadphoneX v1 and one pretty much has to do a few changes in sound Tabs, as to why I ask if its on UR end??? And thanks you for the video stating that version 222H2 not much or pretty much no change I just Reinstalled windows 10 for error issues the only version or new vering is still Version 21H2 / Installed ON: 6/27/2022 / OS Build: 19044.1826

  6. Maybe its just a security update? I was using 20h2 since…2019 when it came out…i despise windows updates, they always slow down the machine after a while.

    But i finally decided to do a clean install, and updated to 22h2.
    My next windows update will be windows 12.

    22h2 its nothing special..exactly like 20h2 imo……it uses more storage, confirmed….that fuckin sucks.
    Android every month new updates slower phone less memory same device syndrome.


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