Windows 10 vs Windows 11 – Boot Time and Gaming Comparison

Windows 10 vs Windows 11 – Boot Time and Gaming Comparison
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Windows 10 vs Windows 11 – boot time and Gaming Comparison

Windows 10 Build 19042
Windows 11 Build 22000
00:00 Windows Boot Time
00:22 God Of War
01:09 Forza Horizon 5
01:54 Red Dead Redemption 2
02:52 Cyberpunk 2077
03:34 Horizon Zero Dawn
04:15 Hitman 3
04:54 Call Of Duty Warzone Pacific
05:32 The Witcher 3
06:23 Control
07:04 Shadow Of The Tomb raider
Laptop Used;

Lenovo Legion 7i:

Intel Core i7 11800H
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (130W)
Display : 16″ 1600p 16/10 165Hz
RAM: 2x8GB DDR4, 3200 MHz

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Music Used:
► Jarico – Air :
► Jarico – Air [NCS BEST OF]:


24 thoughts on “Windows 10 vs Windows 11 – Boot Time and Gaming Comparison”

  1. Alder lake cant normally works on W10, we will all install W11 after upgrade to 12 gen((( My 12100 cant do 60 fps in NFS MW with only one youtube page in chrome ahahah fucking shit

  2. I have the same GPU in my ROG Strix laptop, so this video was very interesting to me.
    The only 'winner' I could see was Cyberpunk 2077, with all the framerates a bit (1-5) higher then in Windows 10.
    I'm mostly looking at the 0,1% lows, because this defines the gaming experience.
    Thank you for this video 🙂

  3. That Windows 10 boot time at the start of the video. I'm going to say that's not a problem with Windows 10 OS but with your system itself.
    My laptop is nowhere near as good as that one where I'm using an 11th Gen i5 1135G7, 1TB NVMe and 32GB 3200MHz DDR4. Laptop was released with Windows 11 so it's fairly modern but I have had Windows 10 on it and both 10 & 11 are the same to be fair. Your 19 seconds is a bit slow even for machines a little older than this so I smell some tampering with times going on.

  4. What makes this inaccurate and illexplained is yes they operate both the same on games IF you have over 16gb of ram due to the os using 4.5 if you have 8gb but if your per say and 8gb user you only have 3.5-4.5 gb for the games so and due to more system allocated ram it has a faster boot and slightly due to less initial programs at start so If you have a 8gb or lower ram spec stick to windows 10 for better gaming performance hope this helps anyone who needed clarification

  5. Ya des gens qui utilise windows 98 pour ecrire et regader des images

    rein na changer dans win 10 11 que le graphique windows devenu gagner de largent

    la technologie cest dimuner la ram et cpu pas augmenter la ram et le cpu

    microsoft = 0


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