Windows 11 22H2: All new features – Ultimate review (Official)

Windows 11 22H2: All new features – Ultimate review (Official)
Windows 11 22H2 review of all the new features, changes, and improvements.
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This video highlights everything new on version 22H2, from the new Start menu folders and Taskbar “drag and drop” features to the new Snap layouts drag and drop UI, and new touch gestures. We look at the redesigned File Explorer with Tabs and a new navigation pane, the new Task Manager app, and new features like Voice access, Live Captions, and Focus. Also, this video details all the changes for the Settings app, including the ability to uninstall apps.
Furthermore, we look at the legacy interface visual changes to align with the new design of Windows 11, including the semi-transparent title bar.

* Windows 11 22H2 will release in late September

Table of contents:
00:00 Intro
00:32 Start menu folders
03:20 Taskbar drag and drop
08:16 Snap layouts changes
12:14 File Explorer tabs on 22H2
19:48 New Task Manager
22:10 New Print and Print Queue apps
23:30 Lock screen changes
24:00 Settings app change for 22H2
41:03 Emoji changes
41:42 Smart App Control
42:30 Live Captions for Windows 11
44:43 Voice Access for Windows 11
48:43 Narrator natural voices
49:35 New touch gestures
50:40 New legacy update UI
51:22 Other version 22H2 features
53:59 Closing


30 thoughts on “Windows 11 22H2: All new features – Ultimate review (Official)”

  1. They disabled the classic start menu fix, an annoyance for people like me who are stuck in their ways from past versions of Windows. I started using Windows back when Windows 95 was the version everyone was using (in 1995 of course) but upgraded to XP quick when it was released.

  2. There is a registry fix for the context menu you get when you right click a file. By default in WIndows 11 it says show more options and copy and paste are icons in it. That can be confusing. It also makes us do a lot of pointless work clicking that we never had to do in WIndows 10 or any other version for that matter. Some software is so backwardly programmed I often question who wrote it. Ever go to a self checkout register in some stores? You can very clearly see that NO thought was put into it. I mean you can't even search for some of the items like tomatoes to tell it you have those sometimes. I always call an employee over to help with that and I even tell them how terrible the software is. I might not know much about programming but it seems they really need to learn WTF a flow chart is and use it effectively!!!

  3. Glad that folder previews are back! File Explorer tabs and the new Bluetooth device quick menu are things Windows has needed forever! Also, while I'm happy that taskbar drag and drop is back, I will still never understand why it was removed in the first place.

  4. Don’t see the point of recommend items. need away to turn that off. So Microsoft are putting some functionality back to taskbar that was in windows 10 and removed in w11. So I have ask why it was removed in the first place. W11 is still trying to be a mobile os on a pc. It is still in my view not good for productivity and a awful os and don’t even get me started on the amount of mouse clicks to something that was just one in w10.


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