Windows 11 22H2 Should You Finally Upgrade?

Windows 11 22H2 Should You Finally Upgrade?
Windows 11 22H2 Should You Finally Upgrade?

Hi and welcome in this video I will share with you my thoughts if you should upgrade to Windows 11 22H2 or not.

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29 thoughts on “Windows 11 22H2 Should You Finally Upgrade?”

  1. I installed Win 11 because I thought that the 22H2 release was available through the insider program. And now it isn't. Months ago I got back to Win 10 immediately after realizing that picture folders no longer show the thumbnails, which is absurd. Now I don't want to do it again but I'm really pissed. This is Windows ME level of shoddiness.

  2. Your content is great, but you talk slightly too much. Sharing your opinion is fine, but for example spending 30 seconds showing us how to drag something to the taskbar made it painful enough for me to watch in 1.5x. Again though, I love the content 🙂

  3. well with all the complaints listed here..did anyone remember when Microsoft said windows 10 was the last os and just that version was gona be upgraded from now on so if there was a 11 it would slowly update itself to this said 11 and it still be 10 like Linux updates it's os,…just reminding everyone they probably forgot that info.. my experiences with 11 though upgraded processor was like 70 c on idle at just the desktop…okie windows 11… "*opens eyes like Gowron from star trek* Not today" rolled back to 10.

  4. I am hoping Microsoft bring back the setting for changing the taskbar's location. I think the new taskbar layout shines on any orientations, and they should consider bringing that setting as a feature.


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