Windows 11, and should you Upgrade Conversation

Windows 11, and should you Upgrade Conversation
I’ve had Windows 11 for a little over 2 months now, and in todays video I talk about the major differences that stood out to me, and what to think about if you’re considering upgrading to Windows 11. I also talk about why I think things have changed the way that they have, and what that means for consumers.
Over all, it’s really not that different from Windows 10, but if you’re coming from another operating system like Mac OS or Chrome OS, Windows 11 will feel more familiar.

I’d like to know your thoughts on this; please share in the comments section below.

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19 thoughts on “Windows 11, and should you Upgrade Conversation”

  1. Excellent review, your way explaining things is really good. Appreciate if you can you review your RTX 3060Ti Graphics Card and compare it to some older Graphics Card like 1080Ti. Thank you

  2. I’ve always used Windows since XP, but I do prefer Macs UI. So I’m glad they used a similar design to Mac for Windows 11.

    I’ve edited the registry to bring back the old right click menu. That’s the one change I hate with 11.

  3. I tried 11 then went back to 10 a few days later, it just isn’t finished. They changed the UI aspect of the system but the underlying user experience is actually worse and takes several extra steps to do things which I don’t really see how they thought this was a good idea. I’d honestly just continue to use windows 7 if it was supported on modern hardware because it’s just a clean version of windows without the unnecessary stuff they have tacked on since.

  4. I’m open to “upgrading” to W11, but there needs to be a more compelling reason than just a UI refresh. If I have to perform more clicks to do the same thing as in W10, then that’s a deal-breaker without some “killer upgrade” feature.

  5. When you mentioned right clicking the taskbar to bring up the options menu, I'm a little confused what you meant by that.

    Do you mean the old taskbar options menu to change things about the taskbar? If so, all of that is in the new menu. If you meant the more expansive menu with like options for task manager and the like, I would recommend you try right clicking the start button. You might also notice that will give an option for disk management too.

    That's a thing I think a lot of people are missing about 11, and something that will heal with time because it was the exact same way with XP, 7, and 10. 11 isn't less powerful, in a lot of ways it's actually more powerful like being able to run GUI Linux apps, and Android apps and WinGet in the terminal as examples. But rather instead of being less powerful, it's just laid out different.

    Stuff like right clicking the taskbar, you now just right click the start button. Disk Management you access through that menu.

    Instead of having quick actions group with your notifications it's now in it's own separate panel. So on so forth.

  6. The problem with Microsoft is that they suffer from tunnel vision. All they hear is "two thirds of all computing devices now sold are touchscreen" and they instantly try to shoehorn WIndows 11 into being more of a touchscreen OS. What percentage of touchscreen devices are actually running Windows? Certainly not a big enough number to justify the route they've taken and it's not like they're going to convince anyone to change or for the devices to necessarily have the hardware to be able to change, to make it a sound strategy. I've upgraded to Windows 11 Pro for free on my desktop PC but also purchased 'StartallBack' for $4.99 to bring back the functionality that they've removed. So I'm getting the new features that I want like native Android support and still retaining the ability to have my own choice of Taskbar with Toolbars and the option to not combine icons etc, choice of Start Menu and choice of Windows Explorer features.

  7. The position of the Quick Access bar, from within a program, might be a software, rather than OS thing. Adobe Software is written for iOS and Windows, so maybe they set where the Save As Dialog Box starts for each OS.

    For us even older folks that used PC's before windows (lower case "w"), the command prompt was always on the left, and usually bottom left. After 40 years of using PC's, that's where the eyes drift to automatically. Not bottom center.

  8. On my PC, Windows 11 runs a bit better than Windows 10.
    It looks better than any previous version of Windows.
    But upgrading to it from Windows 10 it's a necessity only for PCs having 12th Gen+ Intel CPUs or HDR displays.

  9. Nice Video. I tried Win 11 a few months ago and found it annoying that they took out some basic features (which I see they are bringing back slowly with each new update). One thing I noticed is that In Win 11 you cannot create toolbars on your taskbar, a beneficial feature that enables you to create shortcuts for CPU utilization or Recycle bin, etc but it's just gone now. Also I found that it consumed way too much CPU resources and memory so much that even watching youtube videos on my laptop with i7 10 gen + GTX 1650TI the fans were running on max speed all the time.

  10. Mine was shit because i updated from 10 to 11 from windows update had so much suttering in games i went back to 10 then i had suttering again so i did a fresh install of windows 11 and its great. fresh installs are the way to go.

  11. The only thing i reeeaallllyyy love about 11 is the group layout feature. When i snap 4 different layout to my screen, it groups them, so i don't have to start all over again snapping them like in 10.
    I'm back on 10 for now though


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