Windows 11 Must Be Stopped: THE SEQUEL – Jody Bruchon

Windows 11 Must Be Stopped: THE SEQUEL – Jody Bruchon
This is a follow-up to my popular Windows 11 video. I respond to several of the common comments and criticisms and give a lot more detail. Unfortunately, it’s a long one, but none of it wastes your time. Feel free to speed it up, or listen instead of watch.

The original “Windows 11 Must Be Stopped” video:

My video about Right to Repair is probably relevant to your interests:

“You CHOSE to use Windows, you didn’t HAVE to choose to use Windows so stop whining” response:

28c3: The coming war on general computation:

My response to “It’s okay because hackers will always find a way to hack around it!”

The correct pronunciation of Linux:

00:00 Intro
00:10 In the comment section…
00:21 The last video was 10 months old!
00:52 UEFI, Secure Boot, and TPM aren’t inherently evil
06:26 Security features can be used against you
10:05 Explaining my original concern about Windows 11
10:37 Funny thing happens
10:47 The nasty slippery slope
13:52 The Surface RT was a locked down Windows platform
15:47 What iOS devices can’t do because they’re locked down
19:02 Progress is NOT always good!
20:00 Accept the cloud! Except for all these failure modes
22:45 You lose Fourth Amendment protection with the cloud
29:00 SOMEONE SHOULD SUE MICROSOFT said keyboard lawyers
30:37 YOU WILL OWN NOTHING is getting tiresome to read, stop it
31:16 Apple unlocked the M1 bootloaders, I know
32:14 Right to Repair needs to cover more
34:00 Copyright law recognizes ownership of copies
36:11 LIN-OX
36:57 Where is the user interface documentary?
38:34 Miscellaneous observations
41:10 Ending


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33 thoughts on “Windows 11 Must Be Stopped: THE SEQUEL – Jody Bruchon”

  1. I really enjoyed this video, all those concerns about what Windows ecosystem is becoming is the very reason I haven't installed it yet, nor planning to anytime soon.
    I dual boot Win / Linux, I use some programs that are probably not certified, take great care about security and against intrusion, so no thanks Win11. The only issue I have is, what will become of my custom Final Fantasy XI install, and Microsoft Flight simulator when MS stops maintaining Win10. Those don't run well on Linux, they're the reason still have a Windows license.

  2. "CLOUD" Jeff Bezos direct line to NSA and CIA…..nice…..for Lo-IQ geniuses…..
    Really enjoyed your analysis at my level. My new build has W10 install. Holding off until W11 'issues' are resolved.
    Also a few of you folks are doing long term reviews……
    BTW……..anyone call you a Luddite…..???…LOL……
    do what you do bruh appreciate the insight and education…..

  3. Whenever a corporation or an politician names something with the word "Trusted" in it or says something should be trusted, there is an overwhelmingly historical precedent that it absolutely should not be trusted.

  4. MS's tactic with mandatory secure boot on startup, is one I've seen countless times from game publishers. You want to push to do something you know users will very vocally dislike, but you don't want to lose all credibility. So instead you cross so far past the line that you create an uproar, then respond to that uproar by very visibly pulling back to where you were originally aiming for. Then you've managed to push further against users then they would otherwise tolerate, and managed to seem like the gracious, responsive corporation by pulling back. So users lose, all the while thinking they've won. And this shit works every. single. time.

  5. I agree about the 'Progress' argument…. change, like evolution, doesn't always mean 'better'. MS and windows is (de-)evolving into a control mechanism. 99/100 times, the answer is money of course. I can't say enough about local copies either: Local copy/local backup.

  6. The idea of ONLY using MS Store software is sickening! It's all so bad! IF you can get it to install. I own 3 copies of windows Minecraft I BOUGHT for my kids that will not install! The response from MS was "yeah that happens" and no refund. It's all really bad and clearly only developed to satisfy some.kind of licensing BS. At least the 3rd party apps. I did a detailed experiment with Prime video app Vs the browser player on….. INTERNET EXPLORER (for the worst possible experience) and it still worked ar least 20 times faster! I was able to look at 20 searches and start playing 20 videos in the same time it took the MS Store App to finish populating the landing page thumbnails!

    Thanks for addressing internet unavailability!! I struggle with this now due to relying on 4G for "broadband" and have in the past due to poverty. In which case I was unable to use software I owned. I was without internet for over 3 months a few years ago. Apparently at some time before that MS made basic windows functions like "Photos" into "apps" that need you to log into MS Store to use! Since I couldn't, I wasn't able to use many features until I logged in for a few seconds. There were no updates, it just wanted the metric of logging in. I have also had the store say I "purcahsed" about 60 free apps and games during that time that I definitely did not! Many I never even saw before and many were multiples. I think it was a push to make it look like people actually used MS Store to help justify asking people to dev for it. It's shady AF. I refuse to use cloud unless I absolutely need it to. Many applications like AI for voice recognition or video surveillance AI can be hosted at home offline with an old PC. People are trading control and privacy for lame half asked convenience.

  7. Oh not to be a dick, but it's something I hear from you tubers a lot, but many of us to not comment to talk to others or interact with other commentors, we just comment directly to you about your video, so we don't see all the repeat comments. Although I do think it's best not to post half assed regurgitated BS, obvious, or just crass nonsense. If that is avoided it would help keep you from annoying/spamming the content creator. Just thought I would point that out. I like the videos btw

  8. Still chicken little.

    Oh, and is this the Linux Torvalds video you mention?"

    Because I don't hear an -OX at the end, I hear an UHX (I hope that makes sense). But who cares. You're right it makes no difference, although I also hope we can all appreciate that different pronunciations, like accents, are very often funny as hell (regardless of who is "right").

    EDIT: I'm with you all the way on your take on copyright and how it's bullshit how software is "licensed".

  9. Im 22 and your opinion on the … stuff changing n progress is same as yours

    I FUCKING HATE when updates come to games that change shit.. while.. making them worse.. same for fucking apps that i liked and they worked..
    now they look a bit cleaner but are bugged trough hell and dont have half the functionality..

  10. I miss Win2K & Win7. After that Windows went unworkable. A pita to work with. I hate M$
    So i have tried Linux Mint, Ubuntu,Zorin. Mint would not accept update commands from the terminal. Also Wine did not work on all distro's. Printers not working.
    What is it with developers that always need to tear down the good oll desktop interfaces. Keep it simple. I want control. I want to be SU.
    I'ts that im not good enough in programming Linux, but Debian is my favorite to play with.

    But for some applications i still need a Windows pc, like for programming electronics chips.

  11. So I guess you are a Big Linux Commanded line power User.. Most people don't even know how the Internet works let alone what you are talking about.. I am a Resi Cable Guy and have stories for days.. But I have to say I use windows for the same reason everyone else does.. It's easy to use.. I'm not going to give the I have nothing to hide speech. It just comes down to windows is free with the PC and easy to use, And most of the world isn't on your level, when it comes to computer's.. Trust me I go I their homes for stupid stuff every day of my life..

  12. I wish either the public could put more pressure on consumer friendly practices.
    Or make Linux much more available to everyone as not all software and functions work with it.
    That's an issue when windows is specifically made for that hardware and other applications such as for gamers.
    Moving over to Linux could be quite annoying when not everything works when previously they basically did it for you such as setting up Nvidia programs and settings.


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