Windows 11 vs. Windows 10, Should You Update?

Windows 11 vs. Windows 10, Should You Update?
Windows 11 vs. Windows 10, which one is better? Do you want to upgrade your system to Windows 11? In this video, we have compared Windows 10 and Windows 11 on different factors such as performance, features, and reliability so that you can easily decide if the newer Windows version is right for you or not. We have also explained what types of issues you might encounter while upgrading to Windows 11 and how to overcome them to successfully install the new OS on your system.

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0:00 Intro
1:13 Part 1: Is Windows11 Really Better Than Windows 10?
4:26 Part 2: Is It Worth Install Windows 11?
6:10 Part 3: Why Does Windows 11 Fail to Update?
6:59 Part 4: What can Recoverit Do When Updating to Windows11?

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45 thoughts on “Windows 11 vs. Windows 10, Should You Update?”

  1. W10 until it's not supported, I hate the right click menu system, iv had nothing but issues with W11 with 3 different fresh installs, with multiple games! So no it's not the complete gamer experience!

  2. “You Can Recognize A Pioneer By The Arrows In His Back.” Let the platform mature before you adopt it and let the first movers take the brunt of it. It is better to wait and let the platform sort itself out first. I think Windows 11 will be ready by 2023

  3. Maybe you should hire pentester to check separate for vulnerabilities in win 10 and 11 to see how he is weaker or stronger! An upgrade to the upper operating system it's summarized to better security in this global internet and, respectively online world

  4. Well, I can safely say I vehemently disagree with parts of what was said here.

    On windows 11.
    They created entirely new panels they buried functions on that you can no longer get to with a right click context menu and instead have three or four clicks to accomplish what I used to do in 1, because they thought it looked better.

    Also the "taskbar" is a half finished pile of trash that Microsoft admitted to me today is still buggy and supposedly will be sorted in due course but after 30 fucking years since windows 95 they really should not be releasing half hashed operating systems by now and windows 11 certainly should not be still terminally fucked for musicians like me, what, 8 months after release?

    and the widget panel, is just shit.

    Each to their own of course but for anyone using an audio workstation the taskbars a pile of shit that blocks vital buttons and you cant move the fucking thing, bravo Microsoft, bravfuckingO.

    Oh and p.s. don't bother trying to tell me to set the taskbar to auto hide, you then lose the fucking thing altogether behind whatever else you have open and if like me thats a ton of apps, it literally refuses to come to the foreground and always pops up behind everything else, oh and of course you cant drag and drop to a folder open on the taskbar, try to do that as you could on windows 10 and prior and you will be greeted with a temporary placeholder dev icon of a red circle with a line through it, fucking amateur hour.

    Windows 10 was a superb operating system, like real nice ice cream, windows 11 is what you get when you sprinkle it with dung, and after 9 months of this shit, I am going back to windows 10.

    Me? musician and PC builder personally and professionally for 28 years. And for my needs, windows 11 is just an utter failure.

  5. If you're on a gaming computer, stick with Windows 10 and leave TPM off. As an IT professional, I can tell you, don't believe all the BS you read about "TPM does not slow your computer down"… it does (and it's a requirement for Win11). Yea… like I'm going to sell my $2500 gaming computer so I can upgrade to Windows 11 that is likely to be super buggy, crash and annoy the living shit out of me.


  7. I have an i7 desktop which has a terabyte B hard drive and a small solid state C drive and it can't handle Windows 11, but have an i7 laptop that qualified and I changed to Win 11. I moved the start menu to the left again, but I use it mostly for video editing and I don't think is as fast as it was in Windows 10, but don't know if it is a good idea to go back… Are there issues with going back to 10?

  8. A PC is not a tablet period. I have a PC because it's a PC I have an ipad and tablet because it's a tablet and a f phone because it's a phone.
    Widows 11 unstable a test and we are the collective data or a stable window , u decide.

  9. Windows 11 has no advantages. Microsoft comes out with a new operating system and stops support of the old ones just to keep the money flowing. I despise Microsoft for that. They do whatever they can to force the consumer into a new computer eventually.

  10. How great video. Question though. I recently upgraded to windows 11 and my power slider is missing. I did set my power plan to balanced and this didn't make my power slider work. This is driving me nuts because I need that power slider to be readily accessible so that I can increase the amount of power my GPU is pushing out right away. Right now my computer is stuck in performance mode which puts it into over clock mode and it is putting a lot of stress on my PC. It is even overheating. Anybody know how to get the power slider back?

  11. Windows 11 it a POS. Now the Start button no longer works. I spend more time trying to fix windows problems than actually getting to use it. Avoid Windows 11 like the plague!!!!

  12. My advice is to avoid Windows 11 until 10 runs near the end of it's cycle the same way the majority avoided 10 & stuck with 7 a while longer.
    This way you are safely using a mature tried and true OS while waiting for the new one to be ironed out, let the early adopters go through 11 so MS can collect error reports/logs for further patches, which reminds me, patches, patches & patches, this will be you life for the next year or two on 11 if you migrate now, save yourself the hassle & stick with 10 for now, 11 hardly brings anything substantially new to the table other than actually taking features away & click more to reach the same old options.

  13. I just upgraded. So far my only complaint is all the stuff pinned to the start menu had to be added back. Had to get rid of the crap they had pinned. It was kinda like getting a new cell phone. Other than that it seems to be the same. I do have a Alienware m15 that is less than a year old though.

  14. If the manufacturer (Microsoft) tells you they will be putting more resources into windows 11 and less and less into windows 10 – I think a wise person would go the windows 11 route. You have too many problems to have a "retired OS that can be compromised at any time" as one of them. The initial bugs are gone, now windows 11 feels and runs better than windows 10


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