You can’t share on Facebook – what you can do to fix it

There are a number of reasons why you can’t post on facebook. We have put together a comprehensive guide showing why you are suffering from this problem and what are the solutions to put an end to it.

Did you break Facebook’s rules?

The first point covered in this article relates to the Facebook Rules for posts. There are some behaviors that the social network censors and that result in posting restrictions. Make sure you haven’t done any of the above:

  • You have shared a large number of posts in a short period of time.
  • You have posted content that other users have classified as undesirable.
  • You shared something that violated the Terms of Service.

Facebook will raise the bans on your new posts if you do this. In this case, you have no choice but to wait until the restriction is lifted.

Check internet connection

Another common mistake is that your device’s connections have been disabled. Open the notification curtain and make sure Wi-Fi and mobile data controls are turned on. It is also important that the airplane mode has not been activated. If you find this to be the case, turn it off to continue posting on Facebook.

Check connection statusCheck connection status

Force stop application

Restarting Facebook is a good way to rule out errors. However, simply closing them from the recent applications pane is not enough. You have to go to the section App-Info walk.

Open information about the applicationOpen information about the application

up there force stop click to exit the program completely.

force stopforce stop

Press the button force stopto perform the action.

Confirm app stopConfirm app stop

Open Facebook again to see if you can post.

Make sure Facebook is accessing the network

in section App-Info there are other settings that you should make if you want to avoid malfunctions of the application. One of them is in the Data Usage Details.

Mobile data usageMobile data usage

It is very important that the application does not have limited access to mobile data or WiFi connection.

Disable RestrictionsDisable Restrictions

Otherwise, all applications will work except Facebook, so you won’t be able to share on Facebook either.

Clear cache or reset Facebook

Another recommendation is Clear the application cache. In this way, many temporary files will be deleted and some errors will be eliminated. in section App-Info on memory usage click.

storage optionsstorage options

tip up Clearing the Cacheto delete temporary files. If that doesn’t work, use delete data on the same screen to reset the application. In the latter case, you will then have to log back into your account when you open the app again.

Clear cache and reset appClear cache and reset app

Update the application

It’s also important to keep the Facebook client up to date if you don’t want bugs. the Updates include performance improvements and bug fixes found by the developers. If you want to get the latest version of Facebook, use the download link on this page. Malavida has the latest version of all applications.

Additionally, you can also go to the Google Play Store and after tapping your account avatar “Manage apps and device” to open.

manage appsmanage apps

click on Available updates.

Available updatesAvailable updates

If a new version of Facebook is available, it will appear in the list. Use the button To updateto download and install them.

update facebookupdate facebook

Then check if the sharing error has been resolved.

Use Facebook Lite as an alternative

Do you think the problems are coming from the main application of Facebook? Then try Facebook Lite out, a lightweight alternative official client. As you can see in the screenshot below, the sharing options are similar to the main app.

Contributed by Facebook LiteContributed by Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is also recommended if your device’s performance is limited.

Submit your posts from the web

Here’s another alternative in case you can’t share or post using the Facebook application. We’re talking about using the Webclients. Most sharing options are available on the Facebook page. All you need in this case is a web browser.

Publish from the webPublish from the web

You can use the Post button to upload the content to your wall.

Check the status of the Facebook servers

What if the problems come from outside? Yes, it’s always possible that Facebook’s servers are down. A good way to determine this is to try uploading other content or to see if the web client is working. In addition, you can access platforms like Downdetector, which record server failures on important internet services.

Reboot your device

If none of the solutions mentioned in this guide worked, we recommend restarting your device.

Restart the deviceRestart the device

In many cases, a simple restart can help to fix the malfunctions. After restarting the device, open the Facebook app and try to share the text or photo.

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