You TV Player or Mobdro: comparison and differences

These apps have a lot in common, which allows for a smooth transition from one app to the other. However, if we delve deeper into both, we will find differences that will allow us to finally choose one or the other. Find out with us what is special about the respective app.

user interface

The main difference can be seen on the home screen. In the case of You TV Player, it looks a little dated, at least not very up to date. It presents user data, main features and channels in the form of a list. Mobdro, on the other hand, uses the channels in the form of a grid and does not provide any user data as no registration is required to use it.

Home screen of You TV Player and Mobdro appsHome screen of You TV Player and Mobdro apps


Both allow you to configure the app to your liking and with multiple options, but they do it in different ways. In You TV Player you have to search through a large part of the app before you get to the settings. In Mobdro you can access the settings more directly. The information seems better organized.

In the settings area, both offer a good range of options, and what one app has, the other doesn’t. You TV Player might have the most options, but Mobdro also includes others that You TV Player don’t have, such as: B. the language selection or the dark mode. A very positive point for both is the treatment of adult channels, which are not easily accessible and which require entering a PIN set by the parents.

Settings for You TV Player and MobdroSettings for You TV Player and Mobdro

There are some pluses for Mobdro. The first is that the content is directly displayed in landscape mode, while You TV Player displays it vertically and we have to rotate the device to be able to view it optimally. Secondly, it allows us to download content to watch later without having to be connected to a WiFi network or using a data connection.

Both contain advertisements that can be removed for a fee and are sometimes found annoying.


Here the differences are perhaps even greater. The reason for this is simple: You TV Player is geared towards offering Spanish and English language content, with the former clearly predominating. Mobdro, on the other hand, focuses on foreign language content.

Content You TV Player and MobdroContent You TV Player and Mobdro


It’s 2 apps that practically do the same thing, with different presentation, but always with a pleasant user experience. The answer to the question of which one to choose depends on one’s own taste and language skills. But since both are free and downloading them doesn’t require much storage space, it’s not a bad idea to have both installed on your device and get the most out of both programs.

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