YouTube Makes Small Channel Owners Happy

Video hosting website YouTube has come up with news to delight users with a small number of subscribers. Now the desired limit is lower. Move from YouTube to Make Small Channel Owners Happy!

YouTube Makes Small Channel Owners Happy!

YouTube to Make Small Channel Owners Happy

Popular website YouTube is now also considering channels with few subscribers. With the new news, the channel owners are smiling. Starting October 12, it lowered  the subscriber limit from 1000 to  500 for accessing and posting Community posts  for creator channels  .

The feature in question  is located in the YouTube Community section. Thanks to the feature, channel owners  can share content such as images ,  texts  and  links . In addition, if the channel owners want to be in contact with their followers, they can make announcements or surveys, etc. They can also share things. With the topic updated by the popular platform, millions of channels will now be able to benefit.

Community posts are coming to millions more channels!!

Starting October 12, 2021, we’re lowering the eligibility threshold for Community posts to channels with 500+ subscribers:

Tips for getting started on the Community tab →

— TeamYouTube (@TeamYouTube) September 9, 2021

In addition, the company released a statement on the subject: “We are excited to share that the community posts are spreading to millions of more channels. Starting October 12, 2021, we’re reducing the eligibility of YouTube Community posts from channels with 1,000 subscribers to channels with 500 subscribers. We are working on bringing community posts to you in the future for channels under 500 subscribers.”

However, the new update in question  will be opened after the channels of blood owners exceed 500 subscribers. There is also a slight displacement. Also,  posts in the YouTube Community tab are now available in the Discussion  tab

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