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Zemana AntiMalware Premium Free License

Zemana AntiMalware Premium Free License

Zemana AntiMalware Premium is a lightweight and robust security solution that works along with other antivirus software to detect and block threats missed by other security software.

You may have an antivirus solution installed on your PC and think that you are safe, but having in mind the daily statistics for infected PCs which only have one AV installed, you might
want to think again!

Zemana AntiMalware Premium acts as the second layer of protection for your system, not just only providing real-time anti-malware protection, but the security software without slowing down your PC also looks for potential threats and malware infections, then safely removes them by backing up the infected file, in case if you want to recover the infected files.


Besides offering real-time protection against malware, the main advantage of this anti-malware utility is its portability, you can carry this software on a portable device (USB drive) and on any computer, and you can run the app directly from the removable device without any installation.

Zemana AntiMalware Premium Free License

On-demand the security tool will run a Scan to find out files infected by trojans, malware, adware, and viruses. Once the scan is finished, if the software finds out any infected files, then it will attempt to remove them.

Zemana AntiMalware also acts as a browser cleaning tool to remove unwanted toolbars, annoying extensions (add-ons) and adware that hijacks your browsing experience.

Furthermore, the security tool will protect your privacy by removing tracking cookies that are hard to spot and act as a threat to your personal data. Apart from these, the program offers scheduled scans, a Scan Cloud repository, and a quarantine vault.

Key Features of Zemana AntiMalware Premium:

  1. Detects and removes what Anti Viruses don’t.
  2. Removes deeply embedded rootkits and boot kits.
  3. Removes annoying browser add-ons, unwanted apps and toolbars.
  4. The best anti-ransomware tool in the market.
  5. Real-time and zero-day malware protection.
  6. Portable and Supports Windows 10.

Overall, Zemana AntiMalware is a reliable security solution that works along with other security software to protect your system from malware and other security threats.

Zemana AntiMalware Premium Free License

Download the installer from https://zemana.com/downloads/

The software is already activated, so you don’t need a license code or serial number to install it.

If it is not activated, click the “License” icon and input one of the license numbers listed below.


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