I founded SiberKalem.com to add color to your daily life with its science, technology, culture, art, current important developments and entertaining content.

I decided to open such a blog to write articles in line with my interests and share my thoughts with you readers. I am interested in the areas I mentioned above and try to follow the agenda almost every day. Now, I have not only followed the agenda, but also shared all the contents that I find valuable in my own language.

Why Siber  Kalem Name?

Before installing the site, I thought to which area my blog I want to install is facing. I am interested in the areas I listed above. Much of my interest lies in the machine-human relationship (I’m talking about technology, as you understand). This is called ” cyber ” in the language of technology . You can check out the cyber article on Wikipedia . I am a writer. Isn’t the writer’s job to move a pencil ? So the Cyber ​​Pen selection seemed just fine. I looked for domain names on the internet. Apart from SiberKalem.com, there was not the most unique domain name that had not been purchased by anyone else with extensions (such as .net, .org). As a result of all these, I started broadcasting as SiberKalem.com .

What Can SiberKalem.com Contain?

Let me tell you the first things that come to my mind immediately; Smartphones, computers, games, social networks, space sciences, engineering, science fiction movies and series, humor that makes you laugh and entertain are the main contents. Of course these are diverse. Whatever I follow myself, I try to share everything I consider important with my readers whenever possible.

Who is the Owner of SiberKalem.com?

This site has two owners. As Furkan Güneş , I am the first person to design and launch the site .

The second owner of the site is İbrahim Fırtına .

Furkan Güneş’s Virtual History

I entered the virtual world in 2007 . First of all, I started with DogununGunesi.com local and regional promotional website, which we decided to open as a class in high school . Google Pagerank value 3We tried to create a big forum with the help of a tourism program with my brother. We organize all provinces and districts of Turkey’s forum section and into the lower section. Later, we were promoting each province and district separately. My thought at the time was this: to appoint a member from each province as a moderator for their department and help them promote their region in the best way possible. As our work continued, the increasing hit of the site naturally brought additional costs. Since I was still in the third year of high school at that time and I did not have any income, I could not afford this cost on my own. I found a partner. For a while, we decided to split the expenses and incomes that have not yet been found. However, after a while, I saw that the site was hacked. As a result of a short research, I learned that the partner I bought on the site hacked the site jointly with another hacker. I had encountered an absurd situation. Since I could not keep the current backup of the site, and when I saw that there was a huge data loss between the previous backup before it was hacked, I made sure that the site would not be opened again with a momentary anger. I could not cope with expenses alone, and the partners I found were more painful and frustrating my work. I canceled this project and suddenly I felt empty in the virtual world. the partners I found were hurting more and frustrating my work. I canceled this project and suddenly I felt empty in the virtual world. the partners I found were hurting more and frustrating my work. I canceled this project and suddenly I felt empty in the virtual world.

Then I decided to open the site that best suits my interests. Since I love technology and bringing solutions to the problems experienced in technology, I opened a forum site called TechnoDestek.net (year 2007-2008 ). The site, in which I shared more games and programs, managed to collect hits over time. However, I had to leave this site due to the ÖSS (Student Selection Exam) to be held to enter the university. Because it was preventing me from studying.

After I got into the university after OSS, I worked on CFW (Custom-FirmWare, or custom rom) at Maxicep.com forum thanks to the Nokia 5230 I had in 2010 . I advanced my work so much that I was able to present the Symbian Belle interface , which no one in the world dared to dare at that time, to 11 phones with Symbian S60V5 operating system with CFW at the same time. I still haven’t forgotten its name: TCK(Turkish CFW Forces abbreviation). It passed the 10,000 downloads threshold within 2.5 days of announcing this CFW. I respectfully commemorate the team that helped me with this. At that time, I was continuing to work at Maxicep for a very small fee. When these studies took a lot of time and the wages I received were very low, I ended my studies. I also sold my phone and switched to another phone.

In 2012 , in the second year of the university, I wanted to open a website that can work on the virtual world. This time I opened the site, which I could not open and continue in the past, with a blog, and its name was TechnoDestek.com . I was posting articles in the form of guides on the blog that could be more helpful than news (my most famous article at the time was “Laptop Buying Guide”). In the forum, I was sharing games-programs as in my previous site. The site collected great hits in a short time. However, the illegal content shared has been hit by Google (I’m talking full version paid apps). When I saw that what I did was wrong, I removed the harmful content from the forum, but when it remained a black stain in Google’s eyes, I had to close this site as well.

I spent the third and fourth years of university without opening a website, writing any article in the virtual world. When I could not find a job after graduation, I had a lot of fun with the members thanks to the ZenFone 5 I have on the ASUS ZenFone 4-5-6 main topic on the HardwareHaber forum . I was helping, giving information, getting information. Then , because of my past, I was reluctant to a member’s suggestion , “This information is lost among the messages in the forum, let’s open a blog together .” This friend could not find anyone else, so he repeated his suggestion. ZenFone’s Hepsiburada.comI followed their sales in for a certain period of time. I predicted that the phones that occupied the first two places in the statistics of smartphone sales for a certain period of time in sales will definitely have support seekers (These were ASUS ZenFone 5 and 6), this time I could open a good site without breaking the rules. I accepted the request of the friend, but this time the friend said that he stopped being a partner and would sell his phone soon. Once again I attempted to open a site on my own.

At the end of 2014 , this time zenfoneasus.comI opened. I just decided to run it as a blog. As far as I saw in my own research at that time, the only Turkish ZenFone support site was that I opened. I translated the contents I collected from foreign sources into Turkish and added it to my blog by making it even more beautiful. Then I shared the solutions I found in detail. I reflected my research on the blog. I also received advertisements from Google Adsense on my site that collected hits in a short time. I had reached my goal now. I had a website where I made regular money, shared original posts, and never closed. Thank God my reproach has not been harmed so far. I wanted to feed my site in line with its income in the second year. So I decided to spend some of the site’s revenue on the site. I bought the most expensive subscription to the MyThemeShop site and equipped the site with themes and plugins. I tried my best to do this site. Later, the interest in ZenFones decreased, naturally I experienced a loss of hits. The excitement of the first day was gone. Thanks to ASUS company, ZenFone owners turned to other phones because they always delayed their work on the ZenFone. As you can see, the more ZenFones sold, the more hits I was getting, my determination increased, but ASUS ‘harmful actions were reflected in me and my perseverance was decreasing.

zenfoneasus.com is still active today. I only share important articles now. I wanted to add my website, which I had opened but closed twice, next to the website that broke my determination but still continues to work. So I continued 2016 with a second site. As you can imagine, this technology site is SiberKalem.com . No more illegal sharing, there are articles to help users. I cannot find much time because my workload is too much. I am trying to add content to this new site whenever I find time. I make sure that the quality of the content I add is at the highest level.

I’m here now. I have determined SiberKalem.com as my general site. Now I am collecting the main topics on this site. I know, if any, I will not hesitate to share it with you.

May the spirit of sharing be with us :)